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Thursday, May 6

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Aliens ... er wait ... that was another post. Maybe Allergic to Alcohol!?!? Nope, done that one too. Er hmm, yea yet ANOTHER post. A is for Abortion it's ... no wait! Fuck, that's been done too! Ahem, let's try this again! A is for Adoption i ... I meant, A is for Ambassador it's go...well fuck, it looks like TT has used the whole goddamned dictionary of "A" words to make up stories about her non life! Now, if she could only get on the A-List of celebrities that she's so desperately trying to do.

So back to my song ... *clears throat*

"A is for Ambien it's good enough for meeeee!"

I have a strong suspicion that the vile piece of shit is going to say that someone PHOTOSHOPPED the label on the bottle of Ambien because well that's what she ALWAYS says when someone busts her.

"A is for Ambien it's good enough for meeeee!"

So over here at the Rotspot we thought we'd let you guys in on a wee little bit of fun that we found.


Of course, she's going to say the Aliens came and invaded her in Brazil and that it wasn't her in the video talking about being naked, partying, smoking, going to strip clubs, eating cheeseburgers, and taking ambien but unlike her "army" we're not idiots. Speakin' of idiots ... how you feelin' these days you hogul? Your world fallin' apart yet!? I mean, I'd like to point out that I have NEVER had to take down an entry to MY blog. When people start deleting and erasing there are two reasons. 1 - You're afraid of retaliation. 2 - You're full of shit and about to get sued. Me thinks it's both.

Hey bitch! Do you think you could do Rotty a favor!??! Just one little one since I've given YOU so much press!? Could you go take every pill you have in your house and kill yourself? I'd really appreciate it. I have company visiting the next couple of weeks and could really use a break!!



TRS (Superbitch) said...

Yea ... i said it.

Eduardo Retardo said...

3 snaps in a Z formation!

Pixilix said...

i like how she thinks her site is "da bomb" when if you compare it to and on ALEXA it barley even registers HAHA Take that from behind biatch

Amanda said...

I wonder what the other prescription bottle is. I bet it's Desoxyn, or FDA approved Meth:

KateĊ™ina said...

More about her problems - Bodyguard Group press release for those who missed it:

xxpeopleerrorxx said...

Maybe she's going through the alphabet... that is, if she knows her alphabet. Well, pretty sure she knows 'A'.

Jacqueline said...

"I don't know where the meat here in Brazil could be from"...Of course the beef is more clean than your skeleton useless naked body.

Monique said...

Her numbers are already falling. You would think for at least the first week or 2 her numbers would be pretty good. This just confirms the fact that her site sucks ass.

You know what would bring a lot of people to your site Tila? A exclusive on your death.

Just saying.

Sheriff Gauncent said...

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Joann said...

I ran across this and it's a few weeks old but I had to post it.

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