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Wednesday, May 5

postheadericon More fun with Tila's blog!

So there's two things I wanted to show you guys.  First off, remember this post I made earlier today, detailing Tila's suicidal tweets from 2009?  Well I'M SURE IT'S A COINCIDENCE (yeah fucking right) but Tila talked about them today too in her Dear Diary!

Yes Tila, of course we remember them.  HI CUNT, I GUESS YOU'RE READING THIS RIGHT NOW.  Stop stealing our content!

In fact, stop stealing ANYBODY'S content.  Here's the second thing I wanted to show you!  Here's Tila's article on a cop who got arrested for smoking the crack on duty:

Wow, fascinating stuff for a celebrity gossip blog, Tila.  Gosh though, it sounds REALLY familiar...

That's from, you can see the article here.  For God's sake Tila, you added two words to it and you call it YOUR OWN!?    And she does, too, look:

Goddamn.  We might be a "hater blog" but at least we post all our own shit, you stupid skank.

Also, NGL (that stands for "Not Gonna Lie"), Fatty McFatterson totally tipped me off to the cop thing.  SEE LOOK, I CREDIT MY SOURCES.  Fuck you, Tila.

By the way, for anybody curious, when you click on the link that is "Tila Staff," it either takes you to a page that says (as this one does)
or it might take you to one that says

You know, Terri Nguyen.  Tila's equally trainwreck yet not as famous sister.  YES, TILA HAS HER SISTER BLOGGING FOR HER.  After all that bullshit she put Perez and Barbie through.

Update!  This doesn't really have anything to do with the article, but Katie Schumaker over on facebook just linked me to this hilarious article by that gives an AMAZING rundown of Tila's fail blog.  Read it for a larf.


jenn said...

wow, she sure does pay a lot of attention to this blog. she's already mentioned on her site, copied your disclaimer and now blogging about something you just posted.

if we're all such "jealous haters" and she is such a "mogul" then why doesn't she divert her attention elsewhere and do something like oh, i don't know, write her OWN blog entries.

Eduardo Retardo said...

You're right, Jenn, but that would require the brains that poor Miss Tila just ain't got. And I love how her tard army insists "she probably doesn't even care what you have to say or she's laughing about it." LOL you think so, huh?

I wonder what it's like to have an army of underage children who will do anything for you? She's the fucking Pied Piper of the Internet, and that's no joke.

Anonymous said...

You mentioned me by name! AWESOME! Much love! I found the link on Oh No They Didn't's blog post about tilas fail blog.


Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

You know, outside of this blog, TMZ, Radar, and all her inane blogs, facebook, twitter etc, no one really knows who she is, or that she even exists. I have to make a point to come here and read about her cause other gossip blogs don't give a shit. And that, is the truth.

I like this blog and all, but sometimes it's like watching an internets tug of war. Who is going to break first?

Cathy said...

Wow I have to say I worked in Ophthalmology for 7 years (that’s they eye doctor Tila), and I never heard of someone crying so hard they had cysts on their eyes. Nice one.
As they say rotspot, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Even Tila can’t stay away from your awesomeness!!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, have any of the shows she interviewed on about her blog while in NYC even mentioned it since it launched?

Megan said...

Just out of curiosity, I checked out Alexa ratings again - and guess what? Tila is far, far below Perez still. In fact, Tila is quite a bit below - a site that, while mostly funny, only updates once a day and never on the weekends. Also, it's not run by a celebrity or even a psuedocelebrity like Tila. How sad for her.

Seagal said...

I have still managed to not visit her joke of a blog. I was tempted, just for a laugh, but don't want to give her an extra 'hit'. I can get all the info I want right here.

I imagine she will be getting into some legal trouble any day tho as she keeps ripping off from other sites which is a HUGE NO NO(illegal) and totally disrespectful of the people who actually do the work to get the stories. She really is a lame ass piece of pond scum.

Her little army is starting to run as fast as possible to the nearest exits. Teens and tweens, from my own experience of being one many moons ago, don't have that long of an attention span and do get bored pretty quickly, then move on to their next "idol".

I have never wanted anyone to fail. But TT desreves to fail and she is. It just maks me all tingly inside to see her continue to make an ass of herself. After what she has done to so many other people she deserves this epic failure.

deluwiel said...

I guess she's waiting for the right moment to unveil all those great celebrity interviews in front of The Green Screen. You know, the ones that she was screeching about in her tweets and in NYC.

"eye cysts" - it is to laugh.

Anonymous said...

I saw today that Tila had posted a blog bashing Dani Campbell, you know the contestant from her Shot At Love show. I find that awfully humorous considering she begged Dani to talk to her because she was the one Tila really loved but MTV wouldn't let her pick her. Tila's day is coming and when it does I'm going to LOL until I can't LOL no mo.

B_McBitcherson said...

As pathetic as Tila already is in my eyes, it is so far beyond that to see that she reads this blog and actually makes changes based on her haters' criticisms.

But, it does illustrate that the ones screaming for attention the loudest have the least confidence. Sad.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Thank you for the credit Uncle Eddie, but I need a little scratch to go with that, just like the big boys over at and

Hey, I thought Tila had a staff of 20, including photographers and journalists, who were on call 24/7 covering not only the thirty mile zone, but all celebrity outreaches, to bring all this exclusive content. I mean if she did that, this would be the most anticipated, most talked about blog EVER! It seems more like her staff of 20 (really only 2) is just sitting online all day pulling stories and photos from legit blogs (wait, wasn't Tila's blog suppose to be the only legit blog?).

Tila's blog is playing out like those old algebra problems of my youth--if train leaves the west coast at 6:00 am and another leaves on the same track from the east coast at 9:00 am and they're both going 120 miles an hour and traveling 3000 miles, just when will they crash and burn in a huge conflagration, taking out hundreds of lives and causing horrific heartache?

Joann said...

@ Fatty...."when will they crash and burn in a huge conflagration, taking out hundreds of lives and causing horrific heartache?" know you're wrong for that but it had me rolling and I do remember those type of questions..ALWAYS skipped over them.