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Saturday, May 8

postheadericon Finally, something not about the fail blog!

Oh thank God, Uncle Eddie didn't have to go to her OMG OF ALL BULLSHIT fail blog to give you guys this update.

So have you ever seen Reality Bites? Remember that scene where Winona Ryder is interviewing for that job, and the guy asks her to define irony and she can't?

Irony: Tila Tequila instructing people on how to find love. Next up, Tila will teach us all how to exploit people, ruin them, and them dump them (or better yet, leave them alone to die without their medication).

So then earlier today, my 9headed boo Mr. Bradshaw opened up his formspring to answer some questions. I'm sure wading through all the questions about his chola brows and "light" bedazzler usage was exhausting, but one of them caught my attention:

Tila Tequila records, aye? That's funny, because a few weeks ago Princess Dumbass made a post over on the hotspot blowing sunshine and lollipops up her new cashcow's ass.

You might notice that right there, top paragraph, it says:
So I know I haven't talked much about my newest artist I signed to my Record Label (its no longer called Tila Tequila Records, There's a new badass name and symbol I came up for it, well, my friend did, that I am getting trademarked and copyrighted as I a typing this, but you shall all know soon what my record label will be called)

She posted this soon after people started warning Rob about her and her "non-existent record label." Hmm, I wonder why Bradshaw wouldn't know that? Don't you think his precious gem Tila would clue him into a big change like that?

Oh but no, Tila, you sure are 10 steps ahead of us. Is that why we correct the shit on your blog? Because you're so far ahead of us? Yeah, that makes perfect sense. Is that why you sent us that Cease and Desist order via email? How's that workin' out for ya, anyway?

Hey girl, it's not our fault that you can't keep your lies straight.


Anonymous said...

The dress Tila wore. As you can see it is not a dress but a blazer. She whores up everything.

Joann said...

Kristin...I thought that was a jacket she was wearing as a dress.

You know TRS, you guys are so good calling this skank out, sometimes I wish you could post your info somewhere else where she can't see it.

This skank is learning what to do right with her gossip site from this blog and the other two "resistance" blogs.

I know she reads these sites religiously. She can call you guys and the people who post on them haters all she wants but she picks up pointers on these sites and then goes back and correct her ignorance on her gossip site.

Case in point...her wording up top..."OMG I had so much fun today interviewing the next BOXER world champion".

I'm sure Mr. Bradshaw is on the outside looking in and is used or updated on things only when she feels it's necessary.

Tila should be the LAST person on Earth to give advice on love and anyone who listen and/or follows her advice is just as messed up in the head as she is.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice that on Facebook, when you put in her name, it says Actor/Director.

Since when? Anyone know?

Ray said...

I kind of feel sry for that dude she "signed" The way she is going she will be black listed from everywhere that matters and he will be associated with her. Bad move for him. But if he didnt even spend 5 mins on google to check her out, its kinda his own fault.

deluwiel said...

@ladyarcana - She could say she's a dolphin trainer, a Cirque du Soleil acrobat, or a gourmet chef - it's all just make-believe. She pulls stuff out of thin air, declares it on the internet... and in her mind that makes it true. It's pathological. Really.

Jacqui said...

Im a bit behind in the Tila crazy - what did her blog on Miley say before it was taken down? Did anyone manage to screenshot it or have it pasted somewhere??? Cheers :)

i_am_that_girl said...

It just said that Miley is thinking about doing nude scenes in the future. Already heard about it before she blogged about it.