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Monday, May 3

postheadericon More Lindsay Lohan stuff

So remember this post I made a few days ago? Well Tila is STILL up Lindsay's ass, begging for attention.

Oh please Lindsay! Let me latch onto your fame! Oh please! I'm nobody and I'm crashing in Hollywood!

What's that smell? Smells like desperation up in here.

So Tila, you're team Lindsay huh? Then why did you say this?

Isn't it great how nothing on the internet is ever really gone?

And blog update: She's now saying in about 2 hours. That will make it approximately 7 pm West Coast time, 10 pm East Coast time. Wow Tila, you're quickly running out of time to launch it on May 3rd like you PROMISED. Kind of like the April 1st promise...and the March 16th promise...


Isis said...

i'm a fool: 05/03/2010 4:06 PM
You have let us down for the last time. Say goodbye to your Florida fan club. I deleted my pages I made for you. I defended you for a long time but now I know that the haters were right about you all along. You might be pretty on the outside but you are so ugly on the inside.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Isis you're not a fool, it just took you a little longer to come to the same realization most of us here have already come to.

As for the Lindsay Lohan stuff, Tila know Lindsay is the hot ticket right now, so by latching on, she's hoping Lindsay will be her first A-List early adopter, so she can say 'oh Lindsay it totally onboard with by stupid blog'. I'm glad Lindsay is coherent enough to stay away from Tila. Lindsay must realize that whomever is in the news today is who Tila will align herself with just to get press for her blog.

Already some of the Army of Morons and Halfwits are saying that once the blog launches it will put all of us haters on shut down because we have been saying Tila lies and she'll no longer be a liar. Ummm. Yes. She will. This blog was suppose to launch on AT LEAST 6 occasions that I recall, and never did. That makes her a liar because she had no intention of ever launching it those times.

Tila thinks that these new dates just adds excitement and makes her blog the talk of the town, but it doesn't. It ruins her credibility. I've worked in marketing for many years, the last thing you want to do is announce a launch date, and not launch. If for some unforeseen reason you must relaunch, you absolutely make sure you launch the second time, or don't even bother---wants you destroy credibility, it's just too hard to get it back.

RNB007 said...

Even Lindsay has enough brain cells left 2 know 2 stay the hell away from

cowboycoalition said...

I have to shit.

Isis said...

sorry about that that was a repost of someone else's comment lol

Clementine said...

So it is now 10pm here on the East coast...launch time...but just 40 minutes ago she twittered about how it would be an hour from then...BECAUSE they are changing the domain name and she wants both domains to go to the one site. Which everyone except the child army knows takes minutes to do.
It is a simple redirect. Bloggers do it all the time when they switch platforms or get another blog.
So in 20 minutes I wonder what her new excuse will be..or maybe she will launch her lame blog cos that will show us! Tila never lies!

jenn said...

tila loves to latch on to people who are obviously down and in need of help. she likes to prey on the weak. she did it with casey johnson and now she is aiming for lindsay. lindsay has enough problems in her life right now, she doesn't need this low life, drug riddled, train wreck to make matters worse.

Seagal said...

TT is such a skank ass biotch. I am praying that Lindsay continues to ignore her. TT would definately be the nails in her coffin if TT got her claws into her. The poor gal already has a famewhore father who is using the media to humiliate her. The last thing she needs is that skank in her life.

Anonymous said...

What is with this bitch?! I fucking hate her. Can't she just pick a fucking time and launch the fucking blog?

Seagal said...

Check out what some moron posted numerous times on hotspt. How pathetic is this?

7: 05/03/2010 6:28 PM
TILASROTSPOT U SUCK FOR SELLING THE MISSTILAOMG DOMAIN BACK TO TILA.........i hv also read shes paid u and gnome to stop writing there for month?????? is it true and now u allsexcuse is busy with lifes??? yeah right.......shame on u for selling urself to trash!

Joann said...

No one is working on Tila's gossip site but her and that Carlton person and she probably won't let him work on it unless she's there with him. She loves to be in control. She definitely don't have a staff. So I won't even go there.

Wasn't it posted on here that the site wasn't created until April of this year. Tila has been talking big shit about it but probably not working on it.

Now that her back is up against the wall, they are busting their asses to put updated content on it. She's been out of town, on twitter and doing "other" things, which probably may be why the site is constantly being delayed. Doubt if it will be up tonight.

Anyone with common sense knows it doesn't take this long to launch a gossip stie.

jayden said...

Well it's 12:07 am central time and redirects to which is a password protected Wordpress blog. Dying laughing about yet another epic fail.

Seagal said...

I am LOVING yet another one of her EPIC FAILS! No one deserves it more than she does.
Just makes me tingly all over. lol

jayden said...

Seven minutes ago it was supposed to launch in three minutes. Then she posted a woohoo announcement. And still the site is a protected Wordpress blog. Epic hilarity to add to my work life tonight.