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Sunday, May 16

postheadericon Oh, it's a very happy Sunday morning in my neighborhood!!!

Tila's gone on a rampage over at her piece of shit blog!!! It starts off with her posting a half naked pic, and using the fact her computer is broken as an excuse for not having more current sexy pix (there are none, hahahahaha), and then devolves into her flipping out over a couple of haters and having her PI gather IPs from Google over the last couple of days.

Ok, before I begin with the screen caps, let me edumacate our little pointy headed friend. Tila, dear, if you want IP info from Google you'll have to get a subpoena. That's court order, hon. That means your little PI can't just call Mr. Google and say, I want IPs. Ok, let me quit laughing for a sec. Secondly, you would not get this info from Mr. Google, you would get this information from the ISP (Internet Service Provider, dear) of the people you're going after. So, say you're going after your gal Fatty here. First you would have to identify me by IP. You can't. I've never posted on your piece of crap site. So then you have to go to the RotSpot and request it. They won't give it to you. They don't have to. So, you complain to They look into the allegations and likely would not release my IP without a subpoena. Ok, let's say you manage to get to release my IP. Now you have to go to my internet service provider and subpoena my personal information. This takes much more than a couple of days, sweetie. It could be months before you can get that info because both and my ISP will have to wade through a significant amount of data to pull that info up.

And those subpoenas? Well hon, they're really not that easy to get. A judge just doesn't say 'oh Tila Picasso-tits, someone posted screen caps of what you said and added commentary to indicate that your screen caps conflict with the truth you claim in them, oh my, let's give them the gas chamber!' No, dear, the judge wants proof that a probable crime was committed. Judges don't care about your little feelers getting all hurt. If you're that sensy, you really shouldn't be playing with the big kids on the internet.

Here are the caps:

What we see in the above post is typical Tila trying to cover her tracks. She has no current content or photos and so a broken computer is the excuse. Of course, every mogul I know, knows to use a backup system, and they have a lot of redundancy built in so they don't have their pants around their ankles and their asses in the air if something happens to their computer (ironically, it was this exact scenario Tila was performing when she broke her computer!)

In the above screen cap, Tila goes off on a defender of truth hater who said essentially what I did, that Tila's broken computer was an excuse for her falling down on the job. I hope Shawn Merriman is reading how Tila WON her case against him. That might be news to him. I guess all the non-stop defamation, cyber bullying, stalking and terrorizing the life of Perez Hilton means good ol' Tila will be sitting next to all of us in jail. Remind me to call Khloe Kardashian and ask her how she liked having Tila defame her by saying she was a hooker at age 15! The oddest sentence in that whole mess is the third to last one, where she says she'll spend all the money in the world to put us all in jail or file for bankruptcy. I guess the little nutso forgot she already filed for bankruptcy a couple years ago, so she'll have to wait 4-8 years (depending on the Chapter).

Amazingly successful? Have you read this piece of garbage? Have you looked at your numbers? I fart out more hits than you have in any particular day. How's 'dethrowning' Perez going? Nice to see you feel you've finally risen to the level of desperation and mental illness of Lindsay Lohan.

Tila, hon, can you please show me that POW interview you had with the Russian boxer dude. You promised several times that you'd post it. Never happened. You promised it the day of the actual interview and then the next day and another time (might have been the same day). Oh, and I don't talk shit about the people YOU talk shit about. No, see I don't have a celebrity gossip blog, dear. I just have this hellhole called the RotSpot, where we've never bashed celebrities, we've never stalked celebrities and we've never reported on celebrities. All we do is write about you. Well, to be honest, you do most of the writing, we just screen cap it and wonder why you lie from one screencap to the next.

Oh, and let me touch on this 'jealousy', or as your Army of Morons and Halfwits tend to spell it 'jelisy', I have a beautiful family, including my own smart, witty, compassionate, gorgeous children. We live in a small house (larger than your apartmansion as it turns out, and more expensive!) and enjoy the love and respect and support of family, friends and our community. We are far from financially rich, but we get by. Now let's compare that to your life. You are estranged from most of your family. You are alone and desperate in a town that values surface beauty and no talent. You are aging quickly, and are no longer the cute darling of the reality show world. You are unable to keep a meaningful relationship, and within the last year, you have lost one 'wifey' and at least three fetuses (imaginary or otherwise). You have engaged in heated fights with lovers and haters. You are the laughingstock of Hollywood (just use your friend Mr. Google to try to find a positive review of anything you've been involved in in the last several years). You have no talent. You used to be a pretty girl, but your own self-hatred sullied what looks you had. The only attention you are able to get, is through taking off your clothes. People with talent NEVER have to take off their clothes to get recognized. Ever. So Tila, please tell me what part of your life I am jealous of? Am I jealous that my parents stand by me and trust me and are proud of me? Am I jealous that even though you may be prettier, that you have no one in your life who can stand being with you for more than 4 days in an intimate relationship? Am I jealous that despite my own two miscarriages (the second was last month, I didn't feel the need to tweet about it, or travel halfway across the globe, sorry), I have two wonderful kids who have made me proud in more ways than I can count? Am I jealous that you have no credibility and no one in any media believes you? Am I jealous that I can hang up my "Fatty" nic and take just about any opportunity that comes my way and not only be supported, but be successful? Can you do that Tila? Can you hang up your Tila Tequila or Miss Tequila or whatever you call yourself, and walk out in public and say the same? I'll let you draw your own conclusions about whether I'm jealous or not (because your brain matter is lighter than air, it tends to collect in the conical portion of your head, so I'll answer this for you: I'm not jealous).

You know what I am Tila? I'm disgusted by a 28-year old woman who attempts to seduce and sexualize young kids. I'm disgusted by a grown woman who lies to these kids and parades her most flamboyant and disastrous mistakes as if they were normal. I'm disgusted by a grown woman who is so consumed with jealousy for real celebrities that she creates a blog to air that hate, for no other reason than to hate. And mostly, Tila, I am sad for you. You think the pretty face and big knockers are your ticket to happiness. They're not, and as many who have walked those Hollywood streets can tell you, they never were.

PS: Your blog will probably fail within months if you continue as you're doing. There is no sustainability in hate and thievery. You'll tuck the site away, like it never happened, and then claim the haters caused so many problems they broke it. You'll likely find yourself in that same court you believe you'll see me. Whatever the excuse, I imagine we won't see you past this summer. Your secret to success, as posted on your blog to Amber Rose, about staying relevant, by kissing girls, creating drama, etc, is no way to live your life. If you have no talent, then all the tricks and gimmicks you create will do nothing but extend your miserable 15 minutes. Go for it gutterslut. Just know I'll be here watching and waiting.


Anne-Marie said...

Ok, I've been reading every single entry on this site. But although I agree with every point you guys make here, I never commented. But now after reading this post, I really felt the need:

A standing ovation!

(sorry if it's spelled wrong, I'm from Holland)

I felt that every single piece written on this blog where coming together in this post. When I read it, I was like "daaaaamn! it all makes sense!" I was just moved by it! The way you wrote this.. damn!

I'm very sorry to read that you've been through so much yourself.. Not tweeting, blogging about means your a very strong person :-) We are the real people! Tila is just a big ass fake girl that has just lost every sense of reality and it's a shame to see someone sink so low.. I guess that is what Hollywood does to ya..
Money doesn't make happy, friends & family & love does that, but she's not getting any this way and that makes hér jealous I guess.

Keep doing this! You're doing an amazing job and I enjoy every single post!

deluwiel said...

1. I thought Tila had a staff of 20-30 working on her blog. Surely someone else has access to these pictures? Idiot.
2. She just hasn't learned that just because she's not smart enough to look stuff up before she makes ridiculous claims about IP addresses and Google and defamation that there are plenty of people who are and can shoot her down as fast as she spews this crap out. ("Officially" hired a PI -what, as opposed to unofficially? What does that even mean?)
3. Naturally Tila would make her "best friend's" wedding a showcase about herself, especially since she spaces out her "best friend's" wedding until the day before. I'm sure her "best friend" is giddy with joy that Tila is gracing the event with her presence and performing *gag*. I'd love to get me a copy of the local paper and see if there's any mention of this huge singer/model/TV star/blogger/celebrity showing up. Oh wait. Through the miracle of the world-wide web, I can! Just a sec...
Yup. As I thought. Not a word.
4. So, Tila is sounding just a tad pissy these days. Ya think it's because she's just not getting those rave reviews for her "album" (3 songs - it is to laugh) or an epic turnout at the CongaRoomStaplesCenter gig? None of her A-list celeb buds showed up and the EP isn't exactly flying off the cybershelf, is it? I wonder if she'll at least manage to beat Heidi Montag's dismal CD sales.

When there's just no other defense, when there's no way to respond - she throws down the jelisy card. I love it.

Alyssa said...

Wow I Really Liked This Blog Especially The Ending Of How U Aren't Jealous. I Read All The Blogs Here On RotSpot And I Love How U Call Out Tila On Every Stupid Thing She Does. She Really Is Jealous Of Everybody Else And Its Pathetic That Every Opportunity She Gets She Does Those Stupid Poses Which Is Sick. Keep Up The Good Work Guys!

Anonymous said...

Again excellent post, shes a complete wack job, I post and comment on her blog daily and she has not blocked me or sent me a C&D yet so we shall see lol, feel free to post my comments on here from there if you like, I'm Mav1457 there

Jon said...

I could not have stated it better myself.

And being an innerloler Lawyer, I trust that Tila ( HI TILA! ) and her team have looked up the phrase Fair Use? It's on Wikipedia, you know, where you get all your other Facts.

And see, one question I also think you never, ever ask yourself is thus: Why do you truly think some many people.. not one or two, but thousdands of people just hate you.

I suspect envy has nothing to do with it. The fact that you are a liar, a twat and frankly grotesque may have something more to do with it.

PS.. posting this on your blog as well. And you can stick my IP number right up your hateful little ass.

Anonymous said...

Really good post Fatty. I agreed with everything you said.

Monique said...

I know you mentioned it more to make a point than to have it acknowledged in the comments. But I want to extend my sympathy to you Fatty for the loss of your babies.

As for Tila, if she really flew to TX then there should be photo(s) of her leaving or arriving LAX.

Cathy said...

I love how shes say damn about her curves! What curves does a 80 lb crack whore have? Whatever. I am sooooo sure that with that HUGE server she has backing her, there was no back up of her lap top. Really Tila Really?
ITA a truly talented person does not HAVE to take their clothes off to be famous.
Keep up the great work Rotspot. Seriously nothing she says would ever hold up in a court of law and if you brought all if the evidence you have against her....woooo. She'll never go up against you anyway she knows you have too much shit on her.

chey said...

Fatty, this was very well written, factual and funny at the same time (Mr.Google, HA!).
Also, I am so sorry for your loss, you have my sympathies. I am crying and laughing here at the same time, it's not pre Hugs!

vicky said...

Like Anne Marie said: A standing ovation for such a brilliantly written post. What an excellent piece of writing that makes that point we have all been trying to highlight in the classy way that Tila could only wish her audience, haters or lovers, could perceive her as.

Fatty, my heart goes out to you at the mention of your devastating loss. If that cunt ever experienced it, she wouldn't make such a joke of it but then again the heartless and soulless cunt makes jokes about rape so it's not surprising.

I'm glad to hear you have a rich and happy life that full of love and support.

PS. Where's TRS been lately?? I miss her brand of dry, honest humour.

Megan said...

So here's why Lindsay gets more pics than Tila - she's an actual celebrity. Tila's nothing more than an ex-reality star, just like Jamie Grubbs, except Jamie Grubbs has seen more airtime on TMZ than Tila has.

Of course when you're a D-list celebrity your fuck-ups aren't going to make the news more than an A-listers. It has absolutely nothing to do with Tila not being a fuck up (because she is), and more to do with her low-rung status in Hollywood (and everywhere else).

Isis said...

I'm sorry about your miscarriages, Fatty.

And I don't post on ever, and I never will. There is nothing I can say there that plenty of people are not already saying for me.

chey said...

Gah, apparently my keyboard crapped out on my last post. That should have read -It's not pretty. Hugs. Not it's not pre-hugs. Sense, I make none.

Anonymous said...

There isn't much more that I can add other than you are an amzing writer Fatty and this post was abosultely wonderful. I went to Tila's blog the first couple of days but havn't been sense. It's so obvious she's freaking out over her low hit numbers to her blog which is why she's suddenly on this sueing rampage. No REAL celeb would put this much effort into haters because they are busy living the fabulous like that tila only dreams of to care or notice. Awesome job on the post Fatty and as Iris stated I am sorry about your miscarriages.

Mystie said...

*clap*clap*clap*Whistle!*Wooohooo!!*Tears of happiness for this post*

Serious, this is one of the best posts I've read.
Too bad dumbass won't read it and take some of it to heart.

Officially hired a PI huh?? Really Tila?? REALLY??
Please do some type of research before spouting off, I know it's hard to understand some of those big words and complete sentences, but seriously, you sound like a complete moron.

Everyone sees you the way you truly are. Everyone sees you just like your 'hip hop interview' went.
Conversation gets too deep and you can't hide and bullshit your way out of the questions, you turn tail and run.


So, let me get this straight. Your 'poor laptop' is sick. EVERYTHING is on it?? INCLUDING PERSONALLY AUTOGRAPHED ITEMS?? How the fruck do you store personally autographed items on your computer?

And, wait a minute....I thought you said you had the same servers as google, and all them other famous websites?? If your computer crashed, then it wouldn't be an issue, would it???

If you're such a mogul, go drop at the most $1200 on a new one.

Tila, at one time a few years ago, you were cute. You were a semi-celebrity. Nothing to be ashamed of, there's millions of them out there.
But you have gotten worse and worse and worse the past year or so. Your lies make you look like an idiot to everyone but 14 year olds.
Your body is showing age, and that's ok....IF YOU STOP THE LIFESTYLE YOU ARE LEADING, IT WILL SLOW DOWN HONEY!!
Please act your age a bit more, you would have some shred of credibility if you just say "You know what?? I did make those stories up. I am trying to change, make my life better." Get real gigs, get an education (Its not too late)

But the lie after lie after lie is just ridiculous. The 'fame whoring/lying/self absorption/narcissism/bipolar/borderline personality disorder/abuse/fixation on nasty sexual activities' is just sick.

Again, Thanks ROTSPOT and fatty and gnomey and eduardo and rotspot for all the blogs, the laughs, the truth, the everything.

Anonymous said...

Excellent fatty! I'm so glad youre now apart of the team here. I always enjoyed your comments. It seems as if we share the same kind of lifestyle (just no kiddies for me, one day though!) and us "haters" being jealous is the farthest thing from the truth. And my deepest condolences to you fatty for your loss. You are a strong woman and i think its TILA who is jealous of YOU!!!

My sister and i are both "thicker" girls and we are ALWAYS teasing each other about our weight. When either of us come up with a good insult, and can't retaliate with something just as good, if not better, WE BOTH PULL THE "Well you're just jealous!" I agree with deluwiel, Tila pulls the jelisy card when there's just no other defense or no way to respond. But think about it, SHE REALLY HAS NO WAY TO RESPOND!! Everything that she calls jelisy on is nothing but facts! they are all screen caps of her bullshit. To me, Tila calling jelisy is a cop out. There is no way she could possibly defend herself because she is so full of inconsistencies and lies. She needs professional help, and fast.

Once again, excellent blog guys. Love it. Oh and btw, is rated higher than according to one of the sites like alexa or whatever it is. I dont remember the one i went to but just thought i would let you all in on that. But then again, im sure you all have known this for a while!! :]

Cathy said...

btw Fatty, awesome attitude about your family and life :) I too am sorry for your loss but applaud your resiliance and will to make others laugh even through your pain! You are a rock star!

TRS (Superbitch) said...

Fatty said PLENTY of things that I have been wanting to say. *applause*

I knew Fatty was a gem from the comments she'd leave here at the Rotspot. I've been trying to find a way for well over a month now to get in touch with her to write here with us and now everyone can see why. I am so happy with what she brings to the table.


Seagal said...

Deluweil: You posted everything I was going to post, and more, so THANKYOU from me for not having to post all of it through blurry hung over eyes accompanied by a pounding headache. OK, actually, I worked in my yard for about 8 hours yesterday and every inch of my body is screaming in pain, weeding, planting, mowing, and weed whacking and lugging around huge bags of topsoil around. You are my savior today. So now I have probably typed more than I was going to. lol

And Fatty, another EXCELLENT post. You really are doing a great job :)

allen said...

hello all,
I am not in the legal field but all(4) of her trademarks are for TILA TEQUILA not Miss Tila.I am not sure if it makes a difference. I have a copy of these if you guys want them.

We also wanted to say HI to THIEN THANH THI NGUYEN because we know she reads the rotspot.
How come your family did not attend your big launch party?
Are they proud of you?

Allen and FRIENDS from Prescott Arizona
remember us?

justmyopinion said...

Fatty-You are a GREAT writer and you fucking Rock!! So very well said!! I love you! lol

Sandy said...

Bravo, Bravo, Bravo! A very well said post. It was a long read, but worth the time spent reading. You spoke for all of us. Consider this cosigned by me.

I loved how you put her in her place on every level. Talk about POW!

Mason McDuffie said...

WOW! This has summed up her existence in a neat lil package. I am so glad I stumbled onto your page. Great job and keep up the work!

Rachel said...

Powerful post Fatty, sums up how so many of us feel about Tila! How could she imagine anyone would want to be like her? I'd rather be in the Black Hole of Calcutta than lying on my ass in some seedy club with my legs spread, getting my minions to snap me so I can put the pics up on my sorry excuse for a website to get attention. I think she should pay the anti-Tila blogs commission, because I wouldn't bother with her if it weren't for TRS, Spiked Tequila and Tila Truth.
PS Fatty, so sorry for your loss, my sympathies xx

goldenhum said...

wonderfully written. great post. my condolences fatty on your losses. i can't imagine that pain.

sometimes i wonder why i keep reading this and following her antics, when really, in the grand scheme of my life (my mom was just diagnosed with cancer)she isn't even a spec - but it's just as you said fatty - it's the example she's setting for young kids, the lies, the deception and as i have said many times before ... i actually want her to get help. sigh.

Anonymous said...

Well done blog! That bitch needs to be put in her place. Thanks for writing, very heartfelt and I, along with tons of other people on the internet shares your disgust of Tila Tewhorela. Cheers <3

Anonymous said...

i gotta applaud for this post. very powerful and just what i have been thinking past few months!

great post Fatty. you deserve that spot in that TRS team...great addition! keep that up folks. i´m definitely enjoying every single posts here.

and i am surprised that Tila actually hasn´t seen the light and shame she actually brought on herself! what a shame and waste of space..that´s all i can say. i would be so ashamed if that were me..and beg for difference..but that´s me..and i am no tila :)

keep up good folks. i check on here like 3x a day..i love this site..i am not seeing this site as a hate site..that site is more factual than ever i can´t even visit that site anymore....lack of everything.


Really Tila? said...

Fatty, Your story almost word for word reads like mine. Throw in some other topics I've experienced that Tila makes light about and you can understand why it is why I just can't turn away from this disgusting piece of work named Tila. I am happily married to a Soldier who has served his Country for 19 years and and we have 2 beautiful baby boys. He can't understand why I visit your site daily and am "obsessed" with seeing her lies exposed and hauled off to jail. When I look around this beautiful home we built together and look into my beautiful boys eyes, I remember what it took for me to get here. It took a lot of hard work and determination, along with truly difficult situations that I was able to overcome with counseling. I can't let someone like Tila make light of my pain and so many others.

Tila likes to say people are just jealous and haters. As Fatty showed, we all have so much more in our lives then what Tila has. We have love in our lives. We're not jealous-We despise her actions! Funny thing is, I used to model. I've been in a few movies and commercials. I've been "Miss" This and That, of different cities and venues. My uncle is a screen writer in Hollywood and his Manager and Agent begs to put my children in the industry. I have opportunities Tila would beg for, yet I am exactly where I always dreamed I'd be. Married with 2 children. My husband adores me and treats me like a princess. We married late (I'm 36) and because of that we can raise our children comfortably while not lavishly. I don't want to live in Hollywood again. I was born and raised there and will never live there again....I moved to Oregon to get away from the madness and while my Husband always gets "Starstruck" when we visit, to me, it's just no big deal.

My point is...Tila imagines that EVERYONE is jealous of her because we're all fat and ugly and poor and miserable. I can guarantee you that each and everyone of my fellow resistance readers are not ugly...I very rarely meet an ugly person. I see beautiful people all the time-Regardless of their body types! Not only that, but I see more beauty and compassion in some posts here then I have EVER seen come out of Tila's mouth. It is a person's SOUL that makes one truly BEAUTIFUL or UGLY. That is what Tila just can't comprehend.

Keep up the fabulous job Fatty, Uncle Eddie, TRS and Gnome. Much love to you all! XOXO

Ben said...

If she went to Texas she would've have Gary snapping pictures of her, and she's claiming she made out with a woman there, another unverifiable claim. Can someone get in touch with Shawne Merriman's camp? She's no longer implying she won, she's outright saying it. That has to be in violation of the no-talk court order.

I love how she says "you're so good at saying I'm a liar, why can't you prove it?" This is only a few posts after he claiming that she "made out" with Amber Rose then had to put the disclaimer on it.

Tilatakedown said...

i honestly love this site...and now
i love it even more
im sorry what you have gone through
and i know what that feels like
as for tila....she hope to god can never reproduce... i want to FRAME this post an send her duplicates.
but at the same time...she will never ever have the brains to understand
shes legally insane im starting to think..
people like her will learn in the end.

Anonymous said...

as Really Tila? says that we are far from being ugly. i am very sucessful where i do and where i live. i own everything in my life, whent it comes to car, appartment and stuff. i have love of my family and friends that´s something Tila don´t have :S and i do despise her actions. she just makes her sound ever dumber and dumber than "dumb and dumber" movie double twice..or 10x...i mean comon. that is just plain obvious....she isn´t really the brighters bulp in the shopping shelf.

anyways. as Really Tila? says i have been in beauty pagent myself so i have nothing to be jealous of :) i am considered beautyful even i am not saying that outloud or labellecd myself as MILF or whatever hehe....she is obviously unsured about herself that she has to sexulize herself to the public. what is so important to be the most "sexiest" woman outthere..?? i think what weight most of being successful is how smart you are, how you can put yourself outhere without spread your legs showing your vag or glitting some boobs or nipples..that is one way to being success to porn than being success in business. you don´t see Donald Trump´s daughter puting herself in sexual posing for attention. she is known for being successful mogul. because she is actually smart and finished school!. i can say one day..hey i wanna be mogul..let´s nap this and that .com sites and now i am successful mogul..i am sorry that doesn´t work that way. you have to earn it. and Tila you havent´done anything to "earn" that title..sorry. you have to work hard. and i could take years. and i still see you as a very z-listed woman. actually i have no idea what you are really known for..since i 1) i have never see your reality show..sorry it isn´t aired in iceland. 2) i have never heard your music. i refused to go to your music sites. so the "album" isn´t even sold in iceland 3) all i have ever seen you is your sexual photos. that is something i just know you from. and i can´t see that being successfull unless you decide to make a career in porn and be my guest. i wont even buy those films :) anyways. as i see i only known her as a ranting idiotin moves online and that´s something i just feel loss of words sometimes how she can act this stupid (obviously she rants and rants at certain hours and then next day she sees her action and delete them.) all she blames these says for "spreading" lies about her.....

ehhhh hello..that´s your own fault. i mean people just catch your shit before you even recongize it..i just get headiache of such a stupid action.

i just have to applaud again for wonderful blogsite which i believe has higher rate than ever so good work folk again :D


TRS (Superbitch) said...

Hey Vicky!

I have a lot of real life shit goin' down this month. Family visiting, vacations, birthdays, etc.

I come by and check up on the blog a few times a day but I'm waaay too busy to be writing right now.

Have no fear though, I will return very soon! I'm lurking around in the backgrounds for the moment :)


Joann said...

WHOA...Fatty in the house!!!! If I saw you in person I would kiss you(on the cheek..I don't go that you were eloquent and deadly at the same that's a skill. You were outstanding girl.

ANY person knows when you use your desktop or laptop computer for business YOU BACK UP YOUR FILES. That's the first rule of thumb.

If she's a millionaire, as she claims, she should have AT LEAST another laptop or a desktop of her own around the house she can use or just go out and BUY another moron is at "her friend's house using their computer. SMH.

All the suing talk and having telephone numbers and addressses of people, which she got from Google...yea nothing but talk and trying to put a scare in some people. If she stop lying so much people wouldn't have to call her out.

Lisa said...

Wow, Fatty. Thank you.

The fact that she's always INSISTING that the "haters" are jealous is what makes me bristle.

Since evidently Tila reads this, I'll add to the chorus of jeers. Tila, honey - a lying, narcissistic sociopath is nothing to be jealous of. I'm not jealous of your emaciated 85lb frame, your blue contact lenses, or your sad little entourage. I'm certainly not jealous of the fact that you seemingly have to spread your spindly little legs in order to get any kind of attention.

And last but not least, I am in no way jealous of ANYONE who trivializes rape.

Those That Do said...

you know my husband questions too why I am quote so "obsessed" with this weird skanky alien like thing called Tila Tequila. I guess I feel the way many of you do she lies about painful subjects and just thinks because she is Tila she can do whatever she wants to do, and if she deletes oh it never ever happened.

In honesty I could care less how she lives her life, she wants to exploit her body so what, screw the village whatever... my problem with her is simply her fan base following.

They are young impressionable CHILDREN not adults you don't see too many 20 somethings or even over 18 saying they love her, its always kids who don't know better about the real world to just accept whatever she says and the thing is she doesn't care, she is an emotionally immature piece of shit.

She may be 29 but she truly has the mentality of a 14 year old and I wouldn't be surprised if we were to see her in a few years like some of those weird teachers who fell in love with their teen-aged students and ended up getting arrested for it...

I hope the day comes she has no website anymore that no one wants any more to do with her thanks for putting her words out there to come back and bite her in her ass.

WindWaker said...

This blog is fantastic! Thank you so much for posting it. She's only threatening to sue because the truth hurts. Her lawsuit won't get her anywhere but broke. She'll learn that the hard way. I look forward to your future blog posts. :)

Kris said...

Dear Fatty, YOU ARE AWESOME! I just had to say something! Great Post. You summed it all up so well.

Noor said...

Tila retweeted that tweet, so I guess she just admitted to doing heroin?

Anonymous said...

*high-fives Fatty* Fantastically written, beautifully put. Way to go!

jayden said...

Excellent post, Fatty. I'm so sorry for your losses. You are truly blessed.

Tila has nothing. No family. No love. No money. No friends who aren't using her to further their own agendas. No fame. No car. No education. And any looks she had are being eroded by her unhealthy lifestyle. But she's such an evil and malicious person, it's impossible to feel anything but contempt for her.

B_McBitcherson said...

Fatty, that was the most powerful, impassioned post here yet and I'm so happy it's up there for tila to see. And feel to her shriveled little core.

Tila tried to replace her family with fame and money long ago and is reaping what she's sown. She will never feel as rich as the rest of us do, like I do tonight after a day out on the patio with my lovely family. Cooking hot dogs, kids splashing in the pool - it's a simple life but I'm as rich as I'll ever be. Tila knows damn well we aren't jealous of her, I think we all know it's the other way around.

Lisa said...

ooooookay, Tila. 20-30 person staff and not even ONE of you knows enough to do a backup on your computer? WTF?

K.R. Omen said...

POW!!! That is how you go INNNNN on somebody. Best post so far, Fatty. My only question is, as many times as we "haters" call her out on her shit in her own backyard, where is her Army to defend her here or on other blogs? Surely, they can't be afraid to defend their queen?

Veritas Ignis said...

Once again, Tila tried the same old routine of "You all must be so jealous of how amazing, beautiful, rich and famous I am" as a way of filling up the empty space where her morals, heart, and modesty used to be.
I'm not, nor have I ever been jealous of her. If anything, I'm slightly amused, saddened, and repulsed by her. She plots and does RIDICULOUS things to gain attention, or in her mind, love and affection. She lies about nearly anything to get pity, because deep down inside she's a desperately insecure and unhappy little girl. She will never be loved enough, adored enough, or wanted enough because inside she doesn't love, adore, care for or want herself.
Nothing she does will ever be successful, because she simply does not have the time or interest in putting forth enough effort to actually learn about what she wants to do or how to do it properly.
Unfortunately, her erratic behavior is similar to that of drug addicts or people with severely untreated mental problems. Because of her enormous ego, she won't admit she needs help, even though several of her former fans have freely admitted that she needs help and that they are concerned about her.
Everyone in her life soon finds other people to hang out with and find more and more reasons to disassociate themselves with her because of her actions, and words. She lashes out at people in a vicious and rage-filled manner in person and then later online. Same thing when she "loves" someone. She may actually feel love, but she has no real definition of love because she's never been able to accept the love and guidance her family tried to give her.
She is eventually going to fade out of the spotlight, and one day we'll all be reading her obituary, wondering if she had gotten the help she so obviously desperately needs how the story might've turned out.

alison m m said...

Excellent post Fatty!

Anonymous said...

yes i want to also say that i lived in hollywood for two years. i like the east coast. sure hollywood can be exciting i suppose, i mean, if you have a well off job of course. truth is, i like the east coast better! i like the summers, blue clear skies, mowing lawns, im not married or have kids but it seems so cozy. i hope tila realizes that she can change if she wants too. i think she needs to find herself.

Mark said...

That was a super amazing post Fatty. I must say I agree that you shouldn't worry about anyone being prettier than you. You are awesome just the way you are!

Also, I'm sorry to hear about the miscarriages, it must have been hard for you.

Take care, and thanks for the totally outstanding post! In trying to keep abreast of Tila's lies, I have read almost all the content on the "BIG 3" blogs, and I think that yours was perhaps the best post anyone has ever done here.

Fatty McFatterson said...

First, I’d like to thank you for all your support over my own tragedy, and also your support over this blog post. I’m sorry it was so long, when I get on a tear, damn, I get on a tear, lol.

I do want to ask your indulgence about what I’m going to post in this comment. Normally I wouldn’t insert my own personal life in this blog, but this time, I think I should.

Yes, I had a miscarriage last month. I joked a while back about Tila having a ‘mischairage’ and for that event, I will continue to call it that. A mischairage is a fake miscarriage of a fake baby by a person who is interested in sympathy and attention and furthering her career by any means possible. A mischairage is a twisted, manipulative way to keep your name in the headlines, with no thought or concern about what your words and actions are telling people who have suffered an actual miscarriage.

A miscarriage is the polar opposite. A miscarriage is the loss of a precious life that you imagined someday rocking in your arms. A miscarriage is the loss of a sweet little face as it drifts off to sleep. It is the tearing apart of your hopes and the betrayal of your dreams. It is that first moment of panic when you realize something is terribly wrong and the anguish of crouching over the toilet knowing somewhere in that murky red water is the tiny body of someone you can never save. A miscarriage is choking back tears as you tell your partner, and watching his face as shock and then fear and finally sadness overwhelms his features. A miscarriage is rocking back and forth in your bed, overcome with physical pain that takes away your breath, and emotional pain that chips away your heart. It is praying for relief and desperately trying to figure out what you may have done to contribute to this tragedy. A miscarriage is the loneliest devastation many will ever endure. It is the silence after the last of the blood leaves your body. It is the agony after the last flush of evidence swirls down the drain. And for many, the day of that loss is tattooed on their heart, never to be forgotten, never to be spoke of again.

deluwiel said...

I truly hope that Tila does come to this blog and read the comments here; I truly hope that something written above will touch her and let in a glimmer of understanding that her words and actions are not only self-destructive but thoughtless and painful to many others.

I hope that, but I don't think it will ever happen.

Fatty, I was moved to tears by your eloquence. Blessings to you and your family.

Rachel said...

Oh Fatty, I had to post again. Your comments on your loss is truly devastating and brought a tear to my eye. I have never lost a child but I think what you have shared must be how any woman who loses a child would feel. What Tila said about her mischairage but have been incredibly insulting to you and other women. Her fake pregnancy along with the way she exploited Casey Johnson's death sickened me. Thank you for sharing something so personal and I wish you and yours all the best.

Anonymous said...

Fatty, you're just awesome. I look forward to your posts for the lulz, but what you've said here and in your comments above show what a truly strong and compassionate person you are. I'm terribly sorry for your loss and appreciate the strength it took to share this with strangers. Thank you.

*sending you a big virtual hug*

This Mom said...

Dear Fatty, you are amazing! You write so well, so succinctly, and so effectively. I'm so glad you've joined TRS and I look forward to your posts. I don't know you but I also lost two pregnancies before being blessed by a beautiful daughter who is the light of my and my husband's life. The way you explained what a real miscarriage is, brought a tear to my eye. You are dead on. And you are right, the life you have is the life Tila would kill to have. You have no reason to be jelis of her- she has a million reasons to be jelis of you. Thanks for the wonderful and heartfu read, both times.

Ben said...

My best friend had to bury his 9 month old baby about 2 months before Tila's whole Casey fiasco. Seeing how she acted during the "worst days of her life" and again how she acted after losing multiple fake babies disgusts me to the point of anger. I've seen people filled with grief and despair, Tila wasn't one of them.

What's funny is that most people when faced with a preventable death become spokespeople for those causes, my friend is now constantly speaking out about being organ donors and the lives that can be saved. Other celebs have charities based upon incidents with family members. Did Tila turn around and speak out? No, she put a flower in her hair, climbed a tree and smile for photos. Then she put on some trashy lingerie went to a public place and pretended to have a watermelon baby, about a month after "losing" her own child.

It's a shame our society is so obsessed with train wrecks that she continues to get publicity, after each stunt I take time to shoot off an e-mail to the people who brought her on about enabling her and her many horrible deeds. Hopefully one day someone will put their foot down and either publicly expose her or just cut down the places that allow her to reach out to the public.

Those That Do said...

Not sure if anyone saw this yet but I see why the miserable bitch wrote her little piece slamming Lady GaGa...

Lady performed here in NYC at Caragine Hall, she was joined on stage by real celebrity's in the music industry including Elton John and Bruce Springsteen.

She may just be some little Italian Girl who she fucking called a Hermodite last night.

She is a jealous whore Tila... that Gaga can wear cutting edge outfits and still be treated like a Lady.

Isis said...

Fatty you're a gal after my own heart!

In other news: Tila haz some dating advice and what does she choose for her picture of the "happy couple"? Brangelina. If you keep up with the tabloids, you know what a hot mess those two are. Great choice for an example of a healthy relationship, huh?

boytoy said...

Fatty great job you should write for a big time newspaper or magazine(New york post, Time Magazine)

B_McBitcherson said...

@Isis - In Tila's warped mind they are the perfect example. I mean, they're the number one A-list couple on the outside, and that's all that Tila sees and cares about. It's all about the superficial. I love that her advice was about how to catch and keep a man, like she's ever done that herself before....or maybe she thinks "herpes" and "man" mean the same thing?

Anonymous said...

Hey Fatty
i am truly sorry for your loss in the past

i personally know someone that was pregnance and lost her baby at 8th month prenancy and had to bury it and for her that took her about year to overcome it and start over again. so that´s why i was rather pissed how Tila joked about pregnancy loss and also twisting young people´s mind

i normally don´t comment alot but this time i had to

keep it up. it is obvious that TRS has lot of loyal followers.

BKiddo said...

I adore you Fatty, it took alot of guts to put that out there.
My heart goes out to you and yours, as well as all who have suffered miscarriages.
Look at all the amazing comments here.
Tila will never get it, but we do.

Isis said...

Tila doesn't seem to enjoy what The Queen has to say on The Hot Spot. ;)

HenrySavage said...

Not sure if you guys have gotten a chance to check this out yet, but it's a pretty stellar interview with our favorite mogul in which she admits she hadn't heard news of the passing of one of her musical influences, whom she'd cited earlier in the article.

Because she had been asleep.

For two days. On Nyquil.

Isis said...

· 12 minutes ago
The reason her fans dont t alk much here is because they are brutally a ttacked by the haters on every website. The h ostility of the cyberbullying is disgraceful nd I hope she actually does take legal action or some of the defamatory stuff that is w ritten about her. If you dont like her why c ome here.
1 reply · active 1 minute ag o

^^^^^THAT is one of the biggest loads of crap I have been served all day. Don't come whining to ME of all people about being brutally attacked on a Tila Tequila site. Th e truth of the matter is that Tila's been a cyberbully and been recruiting people to do her dirty work for her for YEARS and now all her bullshit is catching up to her.

My daughter is currently under evaluation for Autism. I had to deal with her minions tell me in the chat room that "taking care of my retarded daughter is not a job".

But we're the fucking cyberbullies. If the bitch wants to play hardball, she's playing with the wrong bitch.

I don't condone anybody telling anyone to kill themselves, and I say some pretty nasty stuff in my day, but fuck if I'm going to deal with the old Canadian pervert on her buzznet tell me to go kill myself and then go to her gossip blog and listen to one of her minions whine about how OMG TILA ARMY ALWAYS GETS ATTACKED THAT'S WHY THEY NEVER SAY NUFFIN!!!!

Well 12 year olds usually take name-calling to heart a lot more than people my age do, so what do you expect????

The Fight Clubber said...

I've always been a lurker, but I wanted to comment and say that this is one of the best posts on this site. We've got great writers here at the rot spot and I just wanted to let you know that the readers appreciate your work and entertainment.

You're probably already on it, but the hogul has just released a youtube video on snagging a guy and believe me when I say, IT IS HORRENDOUS! Check it out ...

Keep it up, Resistance!

Calvin said...

Dear "Fatty"... such an awesome new addition to this site you are! For this post alone, I want to propose marriage to you. This is sheer brilliance. I've always loved this site, but this post has to be one of the top 3 best on here. This singlehandedly is better than anything Tila has posted to any of her twitters or blogs in the last 4 years.

I'll tell you what, after this, people care more about you than they do, Tila.

heather said...

So i was looking at the links that Tilas has on her blog. She has a site called "Meet the Famous", where people can buy/sell celebrity pics. Probably anyone from freelance photogs to a lucky shot a tourist gets. Anywhooooo, this is where she gets her celebrity pics from. Which in and of itself is not a huge deal, other celebrity blogs do. BUT they don't front that they have their "very own team of paperazzi's getting her exclusives"..LOL

She lies about the littlest damn things..

Michelle. said... for Fatty.

"I put my LIFE on that!" -- Promise, Tila?

Tyranny4U said...

::sigh:: As usual, I'm late to the party.

Aunty Fatty:
My expressed condolences on your losses and to anyone else whom experienced one of nature's horrific tragedy. I'm not going to pretend to comfort you or others when there are no explicit words of comfort to express to someone in times of extreme grief. I hope my heartfelt verbal acknowledgment will be received well.

Leave it to that black-hearted McWonktits to besmirch all that is divine and good that is Motherhood. I am absolutely sick to have learnt (yes, that is an English spelling so eat me, gently and tenderly, and I'll kindly tell you to piss off in a lady-like manner) what it took for you to speak out about an experience that was something so personal and private just to prove a point. May that cunt suffer as though "it" were burning in a thousand hellfire. SMF

You're an extremely strong woman, Aunty Fatty, and my aweness of you (and the rest of Team TRS) has grown exponentially.


Fatty McFatterson said...

Thank your for all the condolences and well wishes! Hard to believe that with the quality of these lovely comments that any of you could be referred to as 'haters'.

Defy said...

HIII! This is good stuffs! I like your blog! :) I found it through The Tila Truth's blog =P

I'm sorry about your miscarriages.

I respect and totally look up to your self confident, your writing, and I agree with everything you said :)

My grammar is not that good... can't write as good as you :)

I hope that slut is never going to be a Vietnamese Ambassador... because I am Vietnamese. I don't want a whore to represent us. I already feel embarrassed that is she is Vietnamese and NO she is not partial French.

Anonymous said...

This blog post was amazing! I agree with everything you said! I'll add you to my blogroll to be up to date with what you are writing. This was amazing!
You have my respect!

RNB007 said...

"I fart out more hits than you have in any particular day."<----LMFAO!!

Tila is jealous that TRS is more popular than her crap stale blog!

Keep up the great work!

Ray said...

WOW. Great post Fatty. Nothing i can add to that, that hasnt already been said . It's glad that i know some people are exposing the hogul that can put it into words better then i could. thanks