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Friday, May 7

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Every day, somebody sends good ol' Uncle Eddie a picture they've made of the psychic midget mogul monster.  They're usually pretty good but today I got two that made me LOL so hard I thought I was going to die!  I just had to share them with you guys, our loyal readers and fellow "haters."  These are by my homie "Onethousand BabyDaddies" on Facebook.  Enjoy!

I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE PICTURES.  The quickest way to my heart is to display Bradshaw's epic 9head.  And the best part is that Tila gives us an endless amount of pictures to do this to!  Wanna see how a mogul acts in Vegas?
Here we have Miss Tila, showing us where fake babies come from     showing off her crab farm     showing off where Charlie is hiding (lol Vietcong joke)     showing us where it burns ACTING LIKE A MOGUL while performing at the Luxor in Vegas.  They later had to burn these couches because Tila's snail trail never washes off.

Ew I grossed myself out.

Update!  Okay by popular demand, here is another HIGH-LARIOUS picture of Tila on her Luxor Mogul tour.  

 LOL omfg.  Her face is hideous, the crowd absolutely ISN'T paying attention...

Oh and you wanna see something funny?  This is how she tried to spin it to everybody:

I dunno, maybe it's a different crowd?  That crowd is certainly not wowed.  That crowd is BORED.  And I love how she's all "oh I totally wowed the crowd but I can't post pics because...uh...oh my computer crashed!  Yeah, that's it!  My computer crashed!"  Sure Tila.  It's not because you're the skankiest of trainwrecks in Vegas.  

Dude, can you imagine?  Being the biggest skank in a town KNOWN for skanks?  I bet every time she went up to her hotel room the security guards thought she was one of those escorts advertised on those little cards. 


Terri said...

Thanks Uncle Eddie I just shot bacardi and diet out of my nose!!! and


Now to clean up this mess.

Steven Clarke said...

Here's another great one of Tila and her baby daddy for those who haven't seen

B_McBitcherson said...

Oh man, I really needed a good laugh today! That second one is priceless!

Joann said...

That first picture is a hoot. Two gigantic bobbleheads and the crab on the floor going "mama"...OMG, I'm laughing so hard I have tears rolling down my face. Good, good job.

As funny as the first picture is...the last one is just the opposite. Tila is a sad, pathetic woman trying to hold on to her last bit of what little fame she once had.

alison m m said...

ewww ... snail trail

Clementine said...

The best Vegas photo is totally missing, there is one where she is climbing up some stairs and there is a crowd of people behind her, all looking the other way except one woman who has this look on her face like that is pretty awesome.

At this point Tila should pack it all up and just do porn and strip club tours. It really is the only way she will be able to make money.

Terri said...

@Clementine I saw that pic and it was EPIC for us and TOTALEPICFAIL for tila.


Eduardo Retardo said...

I edited the post for you, Clementine and Terri! <3

Terri said...

you fuckin rock Uncle Eddie!!!

I am a nobody and if I crawled up the stairs in a short skirt and NOBODY even glanced over at my ass. I would be butt hurt, no pun intended *wink* I can't imagine if I was a mogul.. even in my own imaginary mind!

tizerri on twitter

Ray said...

LMAO at the last pic. By the look on her face you can almost see the thoughts going threw her head, probably "I'm such a hot Mogul POW, when i turn around EVERONE will be looking at me" lol I can see ONE person looking :)

Fatty McFatterson said...

Oh, do I have a blind item for you!!!! What hot little mogul minx told a big fat lie about Holly Madison getting in vitro? You can't guess? Oh that's too bad, I guess I'll have to show you this delicious link from a Holly Madison hater page (well, not really, but there are Holly Madison haters here):

In other news, I don't mean to burst your bubble. I know how many of you look up to me, and wish you could be me, but I'm not as perfect as you may think. I'm a vile, bad bad woman, with hate in her hearts. If I was doing a Playboy spread, I'd have to admit that some of my favorite things (other than a daily dose of HoHos) was watching children drop their ice cream cones and people dropping cakes on those big ass cake show challenges. OMG, I live to laugh about that stuff. That said, you'd think I'd have a giggle or two over one of Tila's blog post about some fat tranny lady who falls and hurts her knee. Alas, it wasn't so. Not only did I not lol, as Tila so delightedly did, I felt really bad for the woman who hurt herself. She didn't fall, she did the splits and hurt herself, so really there was no funny to be had.
My poor departed mother would look at this latest revelation with glee and believe I've finally begun to mature...again, that is false, as I just blamed the dog for a large burrito fart that filled the room, and I laughed at the family's reaction to the noxious fumes. At least there is still hope for me.

Eduardo Retardo said...

Goddammit Fatty, just shut up and write for us before TRS has a melt down.

and so on.

Don't make me make a post about it. YOU KNOW I WILL. Don't make me do it, I'll include a picture of Tila's tits and make everybody throw up. AND THAT'LL BE ON YOUR SHOULDERS, FATTY.

Email: and I'll hook you and TRS up.

Rachel said...

OMG, there've been some funny posts on the RotSpot but you've surpassed yourself this time Uncle Eddie! I'm LMAO...esp. at the giant forehead and the crab's "Momma"!

Clementine said...

I lurve that photo. A room full of drunk men and not one of them is even looking at her ass! I want to know who is on stage at this point that a desperate meth ho trying to do a sexy crawl up the stairs only gets a BITCH PLEASE side eye from a woman in white trousers! Even the security gaurd does not bother looking at her cess pool!

Monique said...

I want to know why her nails are done on only one hand? Is that s super-secret mogul thing that I would be unaware of?

- @MissTilaOMG

Clementine said...

Maybe her lee press ons melted on her pipe?

Or she couldnt afford both hands done at once?

Or a combo of both.

Jacqueline said...

lmao...ha ha ha....I can't stop laughing at the last image.

Your blog rocks:)

Alta said...

i dunno if your last quote was just taking an innocent crack at this slutbag..."I bet every time she went up to her hotel room the security guards thought she was one of those escorts advertised on those little cards." but, i actually have a REAL escort card i got in las vegas that has an old picture of her on it. no fucking lie. i dunno if anyone's ever mentioned that before's pretty epic. i looked at it and was like..."holy shit! that's tila tequila!" i went to vegas about 2 years ago and someone gave it to me on the street. i thought it was amazingly hilarious.