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Friday, May 28

postheadericon They're juss JELIS!!

Okay before I reveal WHO is "juss jelis" let me explain where the phrase comes from as I know we've used it a few times recently.  There is no real misspelling of the phrase as a bunch of retards (yes, I said retards) that call themselves her "army" only know how to talk in broken sentence fragments mixed with a little bit of ebonics.  So, we're making sure that they are able to comprehend what we're gettin' at here at the Rotspot.  I'm equal opportunity ya know!

I LOVE the fact that we get called "fat jelis h8rz" who have "no life" because we think Tila is the epitome of trainwreck.  I mean, who can't rubberneck at the brutal accident on I-95 with a donut in mouth and trusty Starbucks in hand on the way to work?!?!??!  However (SURPRISE!) we are NOT the only group of jelis fatty hotties that think 9head needs to learn to fuckin' style a bitch.

Source:  CeleBuzz


B_McBitcherson said...

Isn't celebuzz owned by buzznet, who also owns her hot spot site?

Hahahahahahaha, that's a fail and a half right there!

Candace said...

Wait, when did she get her second set of boobies? In the older pictures, her implants look to be a lot smaller than they are now.

Anonymous said...

I just do not get those striped shinguards. What the hell are those???

Ericka said...

I'll never recover from the sight of her in that heinous belt getup. What kind of classless hooker prances around showing off her implant scars?

Joann said...

Candace, I think she got another boob job too. Her boobs are definitely bigger now.

Having HERSELF as Hottie of the Week is as bad as having her own gossip site listed on HER blog roll.

rockitqueen, her stylist, Mr. Bradshaw, hooks her up with all the stupid shit she wears. Tila thinks it's cutting now she has made him her fashion editor for her gossip site.

A piece of crap gossip site with an advice column that is giving out wrong advice and now a fashion editor/stylist whose styles look like he designed them while on an acid trip. SMH.

Sheriff Gauncent said...

Can't we all see the end is near? (crossing fingers and hoping)

Anyway, haven't done this yet. Shamefully plugging my blog
and my website