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Sunday, May 9

postheadericon Tila loves the Rotspot!

Hey guys!  Just finished watching Betty White on SNL and if you didn't see that shit, you need to make sure you go to first thing tomorrow and witness the funniest shit that has ever been put on TV.

ANYWAY, you know how we've been saying since Tila's fail blog launched that she checks our site constantly?  Okay, so remember when it first launched and I made this post saying exactly WHY the blog sucks?   Okay, go to #8.  It says:

 "At least Perez Hilton knows how to use Google when he can't spell someone's name."

Well check out what Tila posted today!  Thankfully she spams her facebook up the ass so I didn't have to go to her fail blog to see this.
That's right, Tila.  

"Myiam Bailk .. Myum? Meeemam…hold on let me Google this shit — y’all know I be spelling stuff wrong, and y’all be going INNN…LOL…..HOLD BIATCHES!!"

For fuck's sake Tila, could you make it any more obvious?  And since you're prone to taking Uncle Eddie's advice, let me tell you about all the fame you'd achieve by swallowing all the pills in your apartmansion.  Seriously Tila, everybody would talk about you!  You'd become like, a martyr to your retarded Army of children!  OMG your name would be everywhere!


Ray said...

Sounds like she's FINALLY worked out she has alot more haters then fans and she's writing for us :) TO LATE BITCH POW

Sunshine said...

Cool, does anyone wanna go leap over some sharks with me?? The Fonz

Isis said...

Just wanted to say Happy Mother's Day to the ACTUAL mothers out there. If anybody wants to add me on Facebook feel free

alison m m said...

and happy mothers day to all of the people who raise orphaned wildlife and become their mothers until they are ready for release.
(Tila is way past her safe release point, she's gone feral).

tannypank said...

In her new blog she spelt wrong the name of her new "hero" twice!

1)If you don’t yet know about the best Russian PRO-BOXER, RUSLAN PROVODINKOV

2)Soon to be WORLD CHAMPION, none other than Pro-Boxer, RUSLAN PROVODNKOV!
not PROVODINKOV, not PROVODNKOV, he is provodnicov.
ok, it`s difficult, but why she didn`t use her favourite "copy-paste" method?..

chey said...

Wow, gossip on Blossom? This must be the most exciting and current gossip blog ever. Who's next, Webster?

Anonymous said...

I think she is jealous of this blog. This blog has awesome writers, better content, correct spelling, wayyyy more hits, more fans and this blog is true. You guys have the evidence to prove Tila's statements are major BS. I think she is the jealous one. LOVE this blog. Tila your blog SUCKS. I hope you get a law suit. Ceast and desist! Hahha. POW.

Anonymous said...

@Chey> WHo's next, Webster?< LMAO!!!

I think it's going to be on that red headed kid that played Arnold's little brother on Different Strokes. :oP

Sunshine said...

Um... google, spelling, haters - doesn't she have a pile of haters who call her out on her spelling?

If Tila is a retard as you say (lovely term still for those of us who have actual 'retards' in our lives) then aren't you just [anonymously] picking on someone smaller than you?

This is a lost cause, doncha think? There's a lot of bad karma forming here... are you still going to be salivating over her stupid antics a year from now? Or as hater-haters might say, "piss yourselves with glee" every time she does something outlandish? I'm not a Tila fan, was a hater but this blog lately has taken the wind out of the hatin sails. It's really hard to care that much about Tila Tequila.

Monique said...

"During the interview, I also found out that he will be boxing against my favorite boxer, Paciau aka PAC-MAN! I know I spelled his name wrong but you know who I’m talking about!"

Facts? Tila doesn't need stinking facts. So he is your favorite boxer, yet you can't be bothered to quickly Google his name? You probably tried, but got confused that his last name was Namco (for the record his name is Manny Pacquiao). Is your next venture boxing promoter? Because there is no fight scheduled between "Mr Ruslan" & Pacquiao.

Why with a staff of 20 are there only 3 people writing for your blog and all your pictures (unless they are of you) are taken from other sources?

I suggest you concentrate on being adequate at one thing, instead of sucking ass at a bunch of things.

Isis said...

You don't have to care about somebody to call them on their bullshit, and that's what T.T. specializes in. It isn't their fault she lies so much, now is it? More importantly, it isn't their fault that she continues to insist on catering to her underage fans in completely inappropriate ways, is it? You ever watch "To Catch a Preditor"? What do you think a predictor actually looks like, anyway? You think they'll all some creepy tall scraggly man living in an alley waiting to grab your children from out of the shadows? Of course not. They blend in to society much easier than that.

It's sick for 12 year old girls to be acting/dressing like their 21, it's sick for guys or girls to be objectifying them, and it's sick that said 12 year old girl has parents who let her out of the house like that in the first place.

Yeah, I have a daughter, it's Mother's Day, and she is never allowed to have somebody like Tila as a role model. Not happening, ever.

A lost cause is only a lost cause if people are too scared to speak up against what they see is obviously wrong because they might be labeled a "snitch". Please, give me a fucking break. While I don't condone violence or encouraging suicide, I sure as hell don't condone being completely unconscionable either.

Isis said...

And I think it's ADORABLE how Tila's this huge boxing fan now and is BFF's with all these boxers yet cannot get her "facts" straight to save her life when she posts blogs about fighters to begin with. I've been called crazy, bat shit crazy, ugly, pud fugly (well not really I just love that phrase), at least when I blog about wrestling and MMA I actually know what I am fucking talking about and can FACT CHECK. And GRAMMAR CHECK. And SPELL CHECK. And I don't sign into my own blog under different names to comment it because it's the only way I can get any positive comments from someone over the age of 18.

Isis said...

Annnnnd I said predictor 0=] See that's what happens when your fingers are faster than your brain.

Sunshine said...

"You ever watch "To Catch a Preditor"? What do you think a predictor actually looks like, anyway?"

I believe you meant predator.

BTW: *ohm*

Anonymous said...

Hey hey
first of all i want to give kudos to the writers of ths blog. you guys are just too awesome!

i am kind of "new" here even though i have been lurking and reading this blog for past months. i am from Iceland and been a regular reader sicne i discovered Tila Tequila in december. yes before that i had no idea who she was.

i have been very regular reader of The Superficial and D listed for past 5 years and once in a while appeared one and one posts of Tila there.and at that time i was always like " who the hell is Tila Tequila" i remember one posts that i catched my eyes on her..was that she wore underwear and a jacket out in night life and i was always like what kind of slutting dress up is that. as i said i had no idea who she was or what she was known for.

in december 2009, i first started to read about her. when she was engaged to Casey. i knew who Casey was but not Tila. as i said i come from Iceland in mid of atlantic ocean and i seriously doubt that any of icelandic people or from the nordic countries have actually idea who she is. anyhow. i began to read her site and tweets and i alway felt kind of disturbed how stupid that woman seems to be. and how immature she was althought she is 28 or 29. i mean i am 30 but i never behave like the way she has been doing past months. i have been catching eyes on lies of hers. and she has been like a spider..making bigger and bigger and bigger web of lies. and i just don´t get it how she can actually behave like this and actually don´t care. that shows what kind of disturbed weak human being she is. she is seriously mental ill and that isn´t really ok. i mean she is playing with her young fans mind, and actually enjoying lying to her fans. and i really don´t like it. i am not a fan nor a hater. but i just don´t like stupidity or how she labelled her self higher than she actually is.. she is nothing but z-listed "celeb" if celeb is even right word for her status. and i actually feel her kind of sad, and waste of space. if i were her.i would crawl under a rock. get my shit together. by keep on doing what she is doing. she is just getting worse and worse and it is actually affecting her badly. physically and mentally. i doubt with continued behaviour. she wont live very long. anyhow. i actually don´t care that much about her. just do care about the young ones that calls themselves Tila Army. these are innocent minds she is actually twisting around with, and i really don´t understand how they can be SO damn blind. her lies are so obvious. and she has been busted so often that it isn´t even funny anymore. prengnancy thing is just obvious lie and i could go on and on and on.

all i want to say thank you guys for this blog. i really enjoy reading it and seeing how Tila really "takes your advices" on her blog. it is silly thing. actually from my view. i am a regular reader of couple of blogs and i stumbled onto hers.and fron my point of view her blog is no damn gossip blog......80% of the site is about her..i would rather call that tila blog instead of gossip blog....she is actually ripping people down to make her look good and she can´t even make on post without throwing herself or her name into blogs. and that is really disturbing and i don´t really enjoy reading it. even i am not english speaking person but i hate the words pow pow pow..or whatever she uses in her blogs. i just hate it. she is no writer for 5 cent.

i want to thank Uncle Eddie for awesome posts. i just can´t go on a day without reading a blog from you! you are my homie! hehe :D

keep it up folks :D i know i wont be commenting alot but i had to this time since i have been fallowing Tila´s life since december and feeling disturbed most of the time.

greetings from Iceland

Anonymous said...

and once again...i apologize for my grammar og misspelling here. and i hope your get my post :) as i said before English is not my first language so i am doing my best :)

Sheriff Gauncent said...

The other day I was taking a big fucking shit and I started to wipe my ass and my thumb accidentally slipped up into my asshole so I started firing all my fingers up my ass like a ninja!

Isis said...

Yea I already corrected myself there, Sparky. One lil' typo out of all that and I still caught it, which is more than I can say for Tila her sister or Carlton.

Isis said...

And I think T rips on other females but not really males because she's catering to the demographic of guys who like seeing slutty looking chicks with big boobs get into cat fights with other women. Hell she caters to guys/girls who like slutty looking Asian girls, period.

I don't have anything against sex workers or strippers or anything, but hell if you're a mom or want to be one you have to start covering it up whether you like it or not.

Joann said...

What gets me is Tila calls "the resistance" haters yet she reads this site to see what pointers she can use to correct her piece of crap gossip site.

IMO, the skank steals from everyone if she thinks they have something she wants or needs that will make her look better, so it's not surprising she would do the same with TRS.

Tila did keep her promise about interviewing A-list celebs but what she failed to mention is it WOULD NOT BE ANY A-LIST CELEBS FROM THE US.

There is no way she knows anything about this boxer or any other boxer. Her "staff" probably found this dude somewhere, who probably never heard of her either, and paid him for this "interview".

I saw a flyer where Tila will be appearing the Conga Room in LA on the 12th.

You can see from the price of the tickets it will be a very swanky affair..*rolling eyes*.

Eduardo Retardo said...

Welcome, IcelandicReader! We appreciate your visits! Thanks for the lovely comments. Feel free to lurk or comment as you wish!
Much love,
Uncle Eddie

(P.S. your English is fine, don't worry about it!)


Eduardo Retardo said...

Whoo, twenty bucks! Thems some mogul prices right there! (I'm actually kind of surprised it's not more for the Pussycat Burlesque show, but I'm thinking having Tila associated drove prices down.)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what happened at the strip club in NYC if the strippers complained about Tila stealing all of their money? Anything come out of that?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Uncle Eddie
i will definitely put my 2 cents into some of your posts. i just love this whole thing lol :) and lot of people are actually helping out. it means there are more people catching this bullshit. and she actually thinks whole thing is complete truth...stupid girl!

Anonymous said...

Interesting ... notice that she's been stealing photos in that she credits a source other than her own team and yet puts her crappy watermark on them? (latest example Justin Bieber Disney post). Can't see her getting away with that for long.

TRS (Superbitch) said...

Hey Sunshine ... I think you're not understanding a few things.

First of all, the creator (that would be me) and all of the writers have NO interest in Tila's well being. We don't have any interest in whether or not she gets help and we'd really rather get to post about how she overdosed on her ambien, cocaine, and Redbull.

Secondly, we don't really give a fuck if anyone thinks that we're "picking on" anyone. In this world it's all about survival of the fittest. I can take just as much shit as I dish out. However, I'm not some washed up piece of shit trying to influence minors by using her botched up tits and stretched out beef curtains.

And of course, in this world (especially the internet world) we LOVE our freedom of speech. We also love the fact that when you don't like something you can click on the "x" in the top right hand corner and say goodbye forever to it. And just in case you're soooooo addicted to me and my homies that you can't stop coming back you can go to your "tools" menu and clear your history/cache/cookies. And I would hope you haven't memorized the somewhat complicated URL. I mean, I wouldn't want you to uncontrollably troll my blog or anything, ya dig!?

I'm grateful for my sunshine on such a cloudy day :)

shabbycat said...

Been reading this blog since January. I don't comment on blogs but I have to today. I LOVE coming here to read ur blog and all the comments. I seriously don't go a day without dropping in to see ur latest posts. Keep it up! Much love , denise

Joann said...

Tamgerine....I did notice that. Deluwiel also mentioned that on a post from 5/8. I was wondering why she had the Miss Tila OMG logo on a lot of pictures. I knew the photographs were not hers. Hope they sue her ass.

I quickly looked at her site a few minutes ago and now she is telling other bloggers if they link to her, she will link back to them.

Evidently she got quite a few emails or possibly notices from lawyers about C&P their articles and putting them on her piece of crap gossip site, so NOW all of a sudden she wants to be link buddies with the people she has stolen from. Skank.

shabbycat said...

Hahaha ya its late and my vicodin has long kicked in. I been following the craziness about TT since January not TRS sorry bout that. I been reading TRS for a few months. Anyway I'll continue to visit as I refuse to go to any of TT's sites. xxxooo denise

jenn5153 said...

So I'm not sure if anyone has posted this video here yet or not, but I loled so hard, I just HAVE to share!

Uncle Eddie as I said, if you haven't seen it yet, you will laugh your ass off.

Jacqui said...

Im a bit behind in the Tila crazy - what did her blog on Miley say before it was taken down? Did anyone manage to screenshot it or have it pasted somewhere??? Cheers :)

B_McBitcherson said...

I've just got to add my two cents - This blog is always entertaining AND if it educates even one naive member of tila's child army then they've canceled out any bad karma this blog may or may not produce, IMO. Keep it up, yo!!

Sunshine said...

Freedom of speech indeed. Thank you for being reasonable... I was talking to my A hole, warning it about the forthcoming tornout replacement, but all systems are intact.

Tonight I will smoke a resin-rich fatty just for you, TRS.

Monique said...

"Sooooo…. I was chillin, mindin my own business when this e-mail popped into my box with new music from Ms. basket-case herself Tila Tequila. Now I had to get myself together because the sight of her name and the thought of her trying her hand at a singing career brought all sorts of negative thoughts to my head – but, I must be objective. So, objectively speaking – this song sucks. Really sucks. Seriously, it’s been a while since I’ve heard anything this bad. Like, she just screwed this song up for me so badly I had to go watch the actual Depeche Mode version on Youtube."

Full article & link to download song

I must warn you, don't download the song, unless you want to draw tomcats.

criss said...

Her lameness is even more lame than usual. Hmmm is that even possible? Yes. Yes it is.

Her "Blind Items" are just a regurgitation of very, very old Kardashian/Hilton gossip.


Eduardo Retardo said...

I don't have it screen capped, but I did read it. If this is the one you're talking about, it basically said that Miley gave an interview where she said "I'd consider doing nudity if it was tasteful." So Tila runs with that and calls her "Hannah fucked a Banana," taking it TOTALLY out of proportion and insinuating Miley was going to do porn because of it. It was SUPER low class, but what else would you expect from Tila?

Tiffanie said...

I don't know how to email any of the great bloggers here at the rotspot so I thought I would put it here and hope you all see. This morning my hubby called me, because he heard that she was going to be interviewed on Rovers Morning Glory and he knows I love to laugh at her stupidity. You can go to and listen to the 24 hour replay if you want a laugh. They called her a train wreck, and hinted numerous times that she was a liar I got a kick out of it. One person even emailed or called in can't remember which, stating they must have run out of people to interview LOL.

Joann said...

jenn5153...that was pathetic. SIX near death experiences. Car flipped over 3 times, face smashed open and all her teeth fell out. So I guess she wears dentures? Skank is high as a kite on that video.

I have been around some liars in my time, but Tila is beyond a doubt the Queen of every liar that I know, don't know and those who haven't been born yet.

Eduardo Retardo said...

Listening to it right now, Tiffanie! You can email me at