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Thursday, May 13

postheadericon Kimora Lee Simmons and Tila

Our reader The Jezebel pointed this out today:

Earlier I saw Tila updated her blog with this:

I don't go to her blog anymore, and I highly suggest you guys don't either. I think the haters are driving up her numbers more than anything (God knows her 6 fans aren't doing it), and while we appreciate you guys giving us tips about it, just get them from her twitter or - better yet - her facebook.

Anyway, what a delightfully classy thing to say about Kimora. "I wonder if Kimora still longs for his tongue??" Ugh, Tila, for fuck's sake. You're in your late 20's. At some point this blatant oversexualization got real old and now you're just a trashy cuntscab. Do you see people like Kimora saying shit like that? I mean, since you're SO CLOSE with Russell Simmons and all - even though you took Global Grind off your blogroll I hear - do you think HE appreciates you saying such disgracefully LEWD things about her?

Well obviously Kimora didn't appreciate it. She tweeted:

Hmm. Biting the hand that feeds you, Princess Dumbass? Not a good look.

Sounds like you can say goodbye to this kinda stuff:

I'm sure Russell spelled his name wrong on purpose, right Tila? I mean, it's not like the flower people would need his name spelled correctly to run his credit card or anything...


Lightfromwithin said...

lol as if Kimora would tolerate her fuckery.

jenn said...

why would kimora lee or russell simmons even support her?

Terri said...

Classic, simply classic! Any flower shop would spell 'Russell' correct, because that is the common spelling. Only an idiot would spell it with one 'L'

I bet her post comes down, at some point. Again, I will not know, because I do not go to her site. No thanks.

heather said...

Kimora is responding to people who are asking her about that ish Tila wrote...she says she will "handle"

Tila done pissed off the wrong person..Russell Simmons still respects and listens to Kimora (something Tila will never experience from an ex, or anyone) Kimora could knock a bith out..

Rachel said...

Didn't Kimora re-marry? Why doesn't Tila even acknowledge that, or is it that she is trying to suck up to Simmons? Anyway, I'm not going on her blog any more, I did for a while but the way the blog is written is quite boring, nothing juicy that I haven't already read elsewhere. If every member of the Tila Resistance and those not in it who just don't like Tila agreed to not visit the site for one day it would be very interesting to see what her stats are!

Jon said...

Like I said on FB.. OUT of the Circle of trust. OUT I SAY.

Noor said...

I'm about to unsubscribe from her site on my Reader so I don't go there anymore to give her hits. Maybe someone should just screencap all blog posts, giving her hits from only one person in the resistance.

And as for the comments, I'm subscribed to them all, and the Army's VASTLY outnumbered by "haters."

Helena said...

Rachel's right!

According to her twitter, Kimora has remarried, to Djimon Hounsou. They also have a baby son together.

How plain disrespectful of Tila to say something like that. She really is a cunt and I very rarely ever call anyone that!

I bet she is major jealous of kimora, as she is all the things Tila wants to be and is not.

Gregor said...

hello all,
Please don't visit Tila's gossip site.I know it is funny but just let the fab 5 truth bloggers visit.She CAN make money from this site but to the best of my knowledge she is fair game on twitter and facebook.PLEASE let her "army" finacially support her pathetic butt.STARVE HER!


Anonymous said...

I agree there should be one person to view that trash bucket of a site and pass it on to the bloggers. The bloggers do a great job calling Trash Can Tila out and I think that's important, she needs to be stopped. I have noticed though that when ever someone calls out a particular article or comment over twitter her traffic climbs quite a bit. Without the resistance or anti Tila crowd she really doesn't have many people paying attention to her.
Tila knows this too and she uses her antics to lure all of us there. Yesterday She tweeted a link and used the word pink (had nothing to do with the singer) but I have to say I am guilty it fooled me and that was the one of two times I actually went to her site, I wont do it again. Tila is dumb as a stump but is not clueless.

Tila's said...

Those flowers are such a joke. who would write anything about a stupid Tila army? that Tila army thing is so retarded LOL

B said...

I admit--I'm one of the haters who visits her pathetic site for my daily jollies...and I love reading the comments, where everyone tells her what a fucked up, dillusional, methface she is. It's part of my daily routine getting ready for the day-- coffee, reading the paper, kicking a kitten, etc.

Her little "RusseL" Simmons flowers stunt? Yeah, that reminds me of the time my best friend sent herself flowers to make her boyfriend jealous--except the dumbass paid for that shit out of their joint account! Ah hahahahaha....wait--Tila's stealing my bestie's routine! Can we sue for a felony?

Ben said...

But if we don't visit her gossip site, we'll miss out on the scandalous posts about Christina Ricci walking her dog. And no, that's not code for masturbating (that would've been a good post) it's just her walking with her dog on a leash. That's Pulitzer reporting there.

B_McBitcherson said...

Ha! Russell Simmons will NOT tolerate Tila being so disrespectful to the mother of his children, not to mention the fact that Kimora is the WRONG person to piss off. She could literally squash Tila, and I hope that she does.

And hmmmm, Tila? Why does a mogul such as yourself need Russell and Kimora to "support yo ass"?

The Jezebel said...

lol KLS is a REAL mogul....not a "HOGUL" like Tila is....tila wishes in all her ambien induced psychosises that she could be worth even half of wat KLS is worth...hehe FAIL

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

This link shows Russell Simmons' signature, not that anyone really believes that he sent her those flowers. I don't know about you guys, but my signature is pretty consistent.

Joann said...

You know Tila sent those flowers to herself. She can't spell worth shit and as one poster pointed out, why would Russell Simmons be remotely interested in her idiotic army.

You guys remember when she had that screen shot of some "makeup lingerie" she claimed Casa sent her because they had a fight and the writing on the card was so scribbled you couldn't read it. Same scenerio.

But I have to say this. I'm sorry Tila made that statement about Kimora, because it wasn't deserved, but a LOT of people tried to warn Russell what kind of person Tila was a while back when we left comments on his GG website.

I forgot what Tila was going to do or said she was going to do, she does so much(someone refresh my memory please) but we told him she was a big time liar and he basically backed up Tila and she bragged about it on her twitter saying how Uncle Russ or whatever his twitter name is, always had her back.

Now she has slammed him and his ex-wife on her gossip site. Well, we warned him.

Monique said...

She also has some not so nice things to say about Amber Rose. Saying that she has gained weight and "maybe could be in Celebrity Fit Club or Precious 2". I wonder if Tila discussed that with Amber Rose when they met up after her big Congo Room gig?

Michelle said...

I read her blog sometimes too. Some of the comments are funny, and I like to see for myself what a fucking idiot she is (although you all do a wonderful job highlighting it). I love how anything bad said about her gets upvoted, and anything nice said about her gets downvoted. I've always said I don't care how much money she does or doesn't make from the stupid shit she pulls.

Like Russell Simmons would even give a shit about the stupid Tila Army. Man, she's stupid as fuck.