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Tuesday, May 25

postheadericon Oopsies!

Tila is mad at us. I mean REALLY mad!

I guess you can lump me with all the other thieves. Yes, I steal Tila's delightful and informative content and pix and don't link back to her. What's funny is that she really doesn't care that it's the haters doing it, just that she's missing out on precious traffic to her blog. So, you can call her a sniveling 2-faced cunt or a washed-up, drugged-out twatwaffle, and she'll clap her little herpetic hands in glee as long as you link back. You see, when you're getting a million hits a week, and you realize your biggest audience is the jelis haters, and that the jelis hater's blogs are doing better than yours, and you could actually double your site views if they linked back, well there you have Miss Tila's dilemma.

So, do you need some more lol's? Take a gander at this, posted last week on Tila's piece o' crap blog:

This is an open letter to a gossip blog called 'oh no they didn't' (hey look Tila, I do know how to link back....well, I know how to link back to good blogs HA!). The lol's start in the opening paragraph where Tila admits she googles herself EVERYDAY. She thinks this is a big revelation because she doesn't think most celebs would admit it (and truthfully says it's because she's not like most celebrites...that's right cause you're NOT a celebrity, can't get any farther from being a celeb than that!). Most celebs, don't Google themselves Tila. Oh, maybe occasionally, but for the most part they don't care what is being said about them. They are secure in their professions and in their lives, and frankly, just too damn busy to worry what the chatter is all about. Of course, Tila is quick to point out how little she cares, that's it's just to entertain herself. I hope I'm entertaining you Tila. I hope I make you laugh and cry and oh, just hang on to my every word.

Tila goes on to commend ONTD for linking back to her and complimenting them on how smart they are to source her because with how well her site is doing, it's a win-win arrangement for them. Her massive audience is helping ONTD grow by leaps and bounds. Tila would like all the hate bloggers to join her blogroll. C'mon RotSpot, we can jump on Tila's famous coat-tails and ride into the sunset and into the success and fame Tila's blog can bring us.

Well, Tila, my pointy-headed little friend, I know you need us more than we need you. Sure, the RotSpot would be a ghost town if it wasn't for the news we bring about you (watch her take that sentence and run with it, lol!), but I think most of us would be happy to know that children weren't being corrupted over at your Hotspot, and that innocent people weren't being bilked in the name of a phony charity, so if there was no news to report on you, we'd be happy to hang up our blogs. Tila I know you want to add us to your blogroll, so you can force us to link back to your blog. You hate that we grab snippets of your posts and you don't get the traffic. TOO FUCKING BAD WHORE-MEAT! That's the way we roll.

While you're Googling your name, why don't you try Googling 'classy', 'successful', 'talented' and 'respected'. Oh, I know you won't see any mention of your name under those searches, I just thought I'd give you something new to read.


chey said...

HA! She's talking about not crediting or linking back properly? That's the pot calling the kettle a diseased-ridden whore.
BTW, ONTD posted Tila's letter to them and the comments had me rolling. I love how she thinks ONTD is one blogger or that they need her site to get traffic. She remains as delusional as always.

Joann said...

This coming from the skank who was C&P and taking pics from other gossip sites big time when she first went online with her piece of crap gossip site...yea right.

Nobody wants to link to her piss poor site and if she's getting millions of hits on her site why would she be asking other gossip sites to link to her. We all know it's for her to get a piece of THEIR traffic. I see Global Grind is no longer on her blog roll.

Tila is so greedy that if she was getting big time traffic like she says to her site she wouldn't want anyone linking to her. IMO, she will steal but she sure as hell won't share.

I thought she was going on tour and was going to be on RAW? What happen with that?

Betty said...

Can you fix it so the letter to ONTD gets bigger when you click on it? Thanks.

krissylu said...

It's funny- I read ONTD every night and ONTD posts the story... I read the story, and NEVER go to the blog they got the story from.
I LOVE reading the comments from everyone at ONTD, as 99.9% hate her, and I believe the others are just pretending they like her to get a rise out of the haters.

Rotty (TRS) said...

Fixed darlin'! xxoo

Cathy said...

Twatwaffle ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! I dont think I could have laughed more tonight THANKS!!!

jayden said...

The funny thing about ONTD is that the vast majority of the posters there are teens. So they are the same group as the putrid dwarf's army --- only the ONTD bunch actually has functioning brain cells.

Clementine said...

She just posted some video of her in Vegas and in the brief blurb on her facebook she uses the word sensual..for some reason her using/saying that word make me want to vomit.

Tila there is NOTHING sensual about you. You are about as sensual as a week old maxi pad from a heavy flow day.

Jay-Mean said...

Does anyone have a link for ONTD's post with her letter to them in it? I searched and searched for it but couldn't find it. (Is that even allowed to be posted? Sorry, if not!)

Rotty (TRS) said...

smokerhippie said...

wow i absolutely LOVE this post. WELL PUT!!!!!

jenn said...

i've been a member of ONTD for years now and comment/post in their regularly and no one in there likes her. they actually put a ban on her. unless she does something that is actually "news worthy" for example: her writing the open letter to the community, the moderators reject her posts. Her rolling around on red carpets wont get approved. Everyone in there takes her a a joke, just like the rest of the world.

khandersuk said...

I actually feel sad for her that she has to Google herself daily. It says a lot about her looking for validation, which unfortunately doesn't seem to be coming from anywhere in her real life. Her primary social interactions come from a computer screen where she feels she can 'control' the atmosphere somewhat, which doesn't happen for her in any actual relationship she enters, as evidenced by the chaos that ensues whenever she does have someone around her.

She is referencing the citing as she does have a tendency to regurgitate what she reads about herself and aim it toward others. She did this a lot after Casey's death, I remember her using words like 'enabling' referring to the Johnsons and the Hiltons and others, which she certainly did not come up with on her own. The girl just doens't get it.

sasha said...

Hahaha! Nicely put. Love reading your blog, part of my morning routine now:)))

Roach said...

I'm an ONTD regular and have been for 6 years. I don't think she has a single fan on there. Every post about her is full of comments about how crazy she is.

BKiddo said...

She's pretty much copied eveyone else's blog's, sites, yada and on.
All she does is make up fake shit about real celeb's, and gets mean about it. Thease are people who she can't even come close to measuring up to. Ever.
She keeps calling us Haters, but she is the ultimite Hater of pretty much everyone who's not her.
And where does she get off thinking that no one here, has the nerve to say what we want to her face?
I'd do it in a heatbeat and then go about my day.
Hell, it would make my day.

Seagal said...

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. This, from the skank of copy & paste. LMAO

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