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Monday, May 24

postheadericon Meet Caroline...

It seems there was a sentence in my last post that perplexed many of yoooous! Remember me mentioning "Caroline coming out to play" on Saturday? Apparently many of "us" skipped right past Tila's FORMAL introduction of Caroline so Miss Rotty thought it was only proper to let you in on all of the "sides" of the grinch!

Of course NO POST starts off with anything other than how awesome her blog and life is! Wow, so humble!

Main Entry: 1hum·ble
Pronunciation: \ˈhəm-bəl also chiefly Southern ˈəm-\
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): hum·bler \-b(ə-)lər\; hum·blest \-b(ə-)ləst\
Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin humilis low, humble, from humus earth; akin to Greek chthōn earth, chamai on the ground
Date: 13th century
1 : not proud or haughty : not arrogant or assertive
2 : reflecting, expressing, or offered in a spirit of deference or submission
3 a : ranking low in a hierarchy or scale : insignificant, unpretentious b : not costly or luxurious

.....Yeeeeeea, that sounds JUST like her!!! Hahahaahahahaa ... let me catch my breath from laughing so fuckin' hard!!

So Tila goes on to remind us all about Jane ...

And of course goes into her pity party about how fucked up her childhood was and how she was driven like a slave. I personally don't see how sitting in a chair taking peoples money for knock off "designer" purses and clothes is HARD work, even for an eleven year old.

Ooooh, but here's my favorite part!! Meet the almighty Caroline!

But wait Rotty. Haven't I seen Tila faking a Brittish accent and actin' a fool before? Well, you SURE have!! Step into my time machine and shall we go back to this extraordinary event!!

God what a fuckin' twit. I swear I've never seen such a stupid mother fucker in my whole entire life!!! She's NOT a good actress so I don't know how in the hell she thinks she can pull this off. And the most atrocious thing of all is that she thinks it makes her look "cool".  You know bitch, you could have had it all.  Instead you used your "fame" to act a fuckin' fool and beg for attention.  You've brought all of this on yourself you dumb cunt.


andmommymakescrazy said...

do you find it ironic that @tilainsider (sky)tweeted about this "Caroline" character...even called her by the same name AND NOW Tila is blogging about it? strange. was tila really @tilainsider ? things that make you go hmmmmm

Joann said...

You last paragraph about this skank was FREAKING PERFECT. I could not have said it better. KUDOS.

Eduardo Retardo said...

This is, like, the best post we've ever had. It puts any of mine to shame.

You made me both happy AND sad, you cunt.

(I still love you)

Ericka said...

It's a shame all of Hoguls personalities are shit stupid.

TMZ just posted a new story on Momma Titties pill poppin'problems.

Clementine said...

So she claims to have multiple personalities yet isnt on medication or in therapy for them?
Fuck she really is a stupid cunt.
She totally does this little act because she thinks it makes her interesting and gets peoples attention.
Seeing as multiple personality disorder is extremely rare(some doctors even dispute it exists.)the chances of her having it because she had to work every weekend when she was a child is pretty much non existant.

I personally want to meet anyone who thinks she is a celebrity or has a fab life. Anyone who cant smell the desperation wafting off her(smells like week old semen,redbull and grease.)is clearly as delusional as she is.
Minus the child army because they just do not know better and hopefully will grow out of this phase and look back and be really embarrassed.

Anonymous said...

I should really stop eating or drinking something while reading anything on this site! I nearly spat my dinner out on my monitor when I saw Tila's face photoshopped on top of Amy Wino's face!

I'm praying to Santa Clause and the Toof Fairy that someone in CR puts her in her place and make them crocodile tears pour out of them alien-eyes of hers!

Anonymous said...

i sort of have a friend that is kind of crazy like her, but she has a son and she is a good mother and a hard worker. she was molested when she was younger by her dad, and alot of times she becomes very manic and excited in the way she talks and asks, but she is the sweetest, most caring person. the only thing i wonder about with tila is it is obvious she is building her "empire" in her "empire state of mind" on lies. her pregnancy, lies. her split personalities, lies. those who have split personalities are not aware of it and it takes years of healing and years of therapy to even start having the shattered mind and various alters exposed. its not as simple as pie. there are certain formulas one must follow to begin to even break down MPD or DID...

i feel tila is going this route for more fame etc. most people dont go bragging about a new reality show, when in fact the reality show is celebrity rehab!

it makes me wonder if she planted the whole drugging up, it makes me wonder if she schemingly PUT the red bull and the ambiens and pill bottles in her hotel room, so that sites like this will EXPOSE this...

in fact, i hate to say it, but it makes me wonder about this site! Kidding! i enjoy this site, keep it up!

Hey tila whats up??? your building up your empire are ya? well, good for you....yeah. i do hope you get the revelations you need to realize that life is much more satisfying without the deceipt and scheming ways. if you are a good person with a good heart, then there is no need for you to constantly talk about it, you just do it.

RockitQueen said...

If Celebrity Rehab 4 really does end up happening, we should create a drinking game. For example:

Drink once every time Tila:
-tries to hit on another patient.
-plugs her blog.
-mentions pregnancy.
-whines that people are mean to her online.
-brings up Casey.
-refers to herself as a survivor of domestic violence.
-says the word "haters."

-if Tila mentions Chunks and getting hit in the belly with a hammer.
-if she admits her charity was a scam.
-if she mentions tilasrotspot by name!

K.R. Omen said...

@ RockitQueen
No thanks, I don't wanna end up in rehab too. One night of that game and they might name a clinic after me. LMAO.

Anonymous said...

Lolz Caroline also came out in the interview she had with the boxer. Its towards the beginning I think.

BKiddo said...

I love this video just as much as the one of Tila falling off the chair.
Nice job!

913 said...

<3 <3 <3 thank you.

also, so down for the drinking game!! hahaha

jayden said...

And remember a little while back she left the voice mail message using an English accent and claiming she was in London?

Tess said...

If Tila actually does do Celeb Rehab, I hope Dr Drew brings her family to LA for a face to face interview with Tila. I'd love to hear what her parents have to say about her childhood and what they think of her now.

Alter-personalities my ass..

Cathy said...

Yeah, United States of Tara anyone. Way to copy something else Tila. Nice run Tila hopefully this will be over too!

Fatty McFatterson said...

This is all a setup so she can be the most interesting and compelling patient on CR.

I point and laugh when she talks about her horrible childhood where at age 11-13 she helped her family. The little whore says she lost her childhood because of that, that's bs. She has a normal childhood before age 11 and after age 14. It's those two years she helped out her family. The stupid little cunt doesn't realize that had she grown up in the Phillipines or Viet Nam, she'd have lost much more of her childhood than 2 years of lost weekends.

My mother-in-law grew up in Japan during the war. Her family was poor and her parents were blind, so she and her sisters worked the farm from morning to night, every day. At 14 she was forced to drop out of high school (along with all 14 year old Japanese girls) to go to nursing school, where she tended WW2 soldiers and their horrific wounds as a 16 year old. When the bomb went off, she was there helping mothers locate their missing and blown apart children. She remembers walking the streets helping a couple of mother gather the limbs of children, and trying to piece them together with the other parts of their children.
Tila, THAT, is a stolen childhood. My mother-in-law did not grow up to be a lying skank slut, she grew to be a wonderful woman with compassion and good humor. She is much loved in the family and throughout her vast circle of friends. You can only hope to be a fraction of the woman she grew up to be, so shut your stupid fool mouth about how hard your fucking childhood was, and be grateful your parents were willing to work hard to give you something in this country that you'd never have in another country. You stupid fucking bitch, you make me absolutely ill.

Ben said...

I used to think that Tila might actually suffer from MPD but after watching that video it's obvious that she's just wasted as fuck. I think she likes the idea of having MPD and that's why she brings out Jane and Caroline whenever she wants extra attention, especially given the fact that some sheep members actually like Jane.

I hope celebrity rehab doesn't get canceled, if anything it will just make her out to be the dumbass that she is. I'm looking forward to watching Joel McHale and The Soup shred her ass every weekend.

Joann said...

WOW Fatty, that IS a stolen childhood. Your mother-in-law sounds like a beautiful strong, strong woman and my hat is off to her. Give her a hug for me.

I think I can safely say Tila fabricated a lot of what happen to her as she was growing up just like she blows up everything else. She wants people to believe she is a victim.

IMO, I believe she is a full blown sociopath and I doubt if she will ever change because she doesn't think she is wrong. She is truly, truly lost and don't even know it.

Jon said...

I work with people with DID.

I feel like spitting in Tila's face right now.

Lillian said...

Brilliant post as always :)

Fatty - you live such an inspiring life! Even I am jealous of how well-rounded you seem to be! Your MIL sounds like a brilliant person, who may have been shaped by her experiences, but grew to be all the better for them.

Rottiecolt said...

Eduardo Retardo and or any of the writers here Follow me back???

I would like to DM one of you abt some help I need regarding that b*tch Tila!!!! Ughhhhhh


vicky said...

Spot on Fatty (and Rotty):) My thoughts exactly on that atrocious post. I just think of all my friends and the many people I have known who have come from all different parts of the world who have gone through similar things such as your mother-in-law and the only thing that comes to my mind is.."Youuuuu whinging CUNT"

deluwiel said...

Aw. she had to work at her parents' flea market on weekends during the summer. Ask any kid growing up on a ranch or farm what kind of chores and work they do to help their family out 365 days a year.

And by pretending to have "multiple personalities", she's slapping in the face those who have actually endured the horrible things that prompt dissociation: "Dissociative identity disorder (previously known as multiple personality disorder) is a fairly common effect of severe trauma during early childhood, usually extreme, repetitive physical, sexual, and/or emotional abuse."

She's sickening.

deluwiel said...

Aw. Poor little thing. She had to carry clothes. Ask any kid who grew up on a farm or ranch about chores and work... 365 days a year helping out the family.

As far as her "multiple personalities" - once again she's trivializing something incredibly serious and devastating and to the person actually experiencing something like this. Her idiotic claims are a slap in the face of anyone who has actually had to endure the horrors that prompt dissociation. From WebMD: "Dissociative identity disorder (previously known as multiple personality disorder) is a fairly common effect of severe trauma during early childhood, usually extreme, repetitive physical, sexual, and/or emotional abuse."

She sickens me. She really does.

jayden said...

Fatty, it steams me as well when she talks about her 'tough' childhood working at the swap meet. My grandmother spent her eighth and ninth years in a concentration camp and suffered extreme poverty and health issues for years afterward. Yet she became the kindest, most compassionate and empathetic human being I have ever met. I'm pretty sure she would have swapped her childhood for Tila's 'tough' one if given the chance.

And Tila, since I know you read these comments, here's some advice. Just STFU about your 'horrible' childhood. Helping your family make ends meet so they can feed you is not tragic. You and your past simply aren't interesting and unique and none of that is responsible for creating the monster that is you. You're just a boring fucked up garden variety drug addict.

B_McBitcherson said...

I grew up in Houston. I sometimes had to spend my weekends helping my parents with their side businesses to make extra money. I even had to get a *gasp!* REAL JOB as soon as I was old enough to work. I guess I'm really REALLY lucky I didn't turn out to be a nasty, stinky, crackhead, lying, delusional whore, huh? Whew!!

Elizabeth said...

Starfish, it sounds like your friend suffers from Bipolar Disorder. My mom has that and she's basically the same way. Also, while I certainly don't disagree with you, there are a lot of disputes about if people with MPD are aware of their other personalities or not.

Anyways, this bitch continues to piss the world off by crying about her so called horrible life (which always seems to have a different story every time she talks about it). I hope the multiple personalities is what she's going on celebrity rehab for because Dr. Drew will be quick to tell her to sit the fuck down.

Also on the subject of MPD (which is actually called Dissociative Identity Disorder now), the whole thing is somewhat sketchy. Even the most famous case of this disorder (Shirley Ardell Mason - look her up if you don't know her, she's the person that the book/movies Sybil were based off of) has a lot of dispute and controversy around it. Tila is doing this crap for attention. If she suffers from any kind of mental illness, it's narcissistic personality disorder.

Mason McDuffie said...

Once again you amaze me. Well put together. Your blog has become my newest guilty obsession. I admit I hated this woman before. Now I have so much hate for her it disgusts me to think she walks around and people are actually "fans" of hers. What a horrible human being. Thanks again for making my days interesting.

Jacqueline said...

Ha ha.....It's funny that she forgets Great Britain has many accents. Now that was not an accent, but a horrible moan....

Great Job Guys:)

boytoy said...

I want Dr. Drew to catch tila in her lies and call her out on it. If the show is a go and this happens Dr. Drew is going to question tila alot and then what will happen is tila will do her nervous laughter and pretend to cry and i really do want to her her parents.

vicky said...

I bet she's been reading this..that post has been deleted now.