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Tuesday, May 25

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...sound familiar!??! Admitting you have a problem, right? But ONLY if it lands you a TV deal!! That's right folks.

Image Created By:  @MissTilaOMG via Twitter

Uncle Eddie brought you the EXCLUSIVE (I'm sooo fucking sick of that word btw) on Tila's NEW FANCY reality show just a couple days back following her promises of not being a user! You see, it seems that miss Airhead wants help NOW that they want to PAY her to be on TV again. Awww! As you guys are aware TMZ busted the EXCLUSIVE story on Alien Airheads step back onto reality TV! They also go on to talk about the article in her blog that NO ONE can seem to find anymore. Tila WHY do you delete shit after you put it up? I mean, you KNOW the world has already got it ... I know, I know ... it's so you can say everyone are just big jellis hatrz and all we can do is lie to make ourselves look better. (Psst, that's actually YOU darling)! I think one of your fighting personalities is trying to tell you something ;)

Don't bother going to look for her posting admitting her drug use, she's already deleted it. That's how she rolls! She's soooo slick! I mean if she takes it down what proof is there that she actually wrote it, right?!?!?!

Hahahahahaa! Okay JUST in this FIRST part of the entry there is SOOO much to LOL about. First of all, how in the FUCK do you allow someone like TMZ to break YOUR story about YOUR new TV appearance!?!?!? Oh Jeebus I just can't stop fuckin' laughin' AND peein' in my pants!!! I LOVE how she tries to be the vulnerable victim in all of this while STILL trying to prove to the world how awesome she is. We all know that she's trying to convince herself. My favorite part is the last line:

Hahahahahaaha! Here she goes on trying to tell us just how "naked" (implying vulnerability) she feels in front of the world since she's "admitting she has a problem" aka GETTING A TV DEAL yet ... it's what she does for a living, literally!!!

Miss Hogul goes on to explain to us how she's put every ounce of money into her HUGE, HIT website and how she's not going to lose EVERYTHING like Lindsay Lohan is doing.  Now, I actually own this website.  I actually personally own and I PROMISE you that it didn't take every single last dime I have in my piggy bank my grandma keeps for me in her bedroom!  Sooo my advice to you Tila is to start charging more for your overseas "clients" that come for a 48 hour fuck and suck!!!

So TT, you mentioned your OWN HUGE reality show!?!?  Where is that mess?!?  Are you so delusional that you think "Celebrity Rehab" was invented by you!?  Er ... huh?

Oooh!  It makes sense now!  If she does good in recovery THEN they'll give her her own show!!  She sorta forgot to mention that now didn't she!?

Note to all haters:  It seems as if Tila is beckoning "us" to come "say it to her face".  I would LOVE to do more than just SAY some shit to your face but I'd be afraid of catching something that I couldn't wash off just by being in your unholy presence.

I also love the fact that she thinks she's giving the "news herself" despite TMZ's breaking "rumors".  "TURST" her!!!  I mean the LOLz get better and better don't they?  I agree!!  MMMM!!!  Another slice of birthday cheesecake anyone?  I'll be right back!!!

*Nom nom nom*  Soooo ... it seems as if Miss Ambien Addict will be departing to start filming in 9 days (from yesterday) so that puts us at June 2nd.  We will have a little peace and quiet for a few weeks!!  I can finally stop taking uppers and sitting at my computer 24/7 and take a break!!  Whew!  (That's SARCASM Tila, I mean ... I have to let you think I'm what you want me to be, right?)  That is ... if the show airs.

In other yet the same sort of news Radar Online released an article about Tila today that actually made me giggle a lot.  And the reason is because her friend/enemy/friend/enemy Carlton Jordan, whom I suspect, leaked this story to them.  Tila has used Radar Online to make herself look "credible" throughout the last year and now it seems to be biting her in the ass.  We found out via some Twitter drama in the past that they will buy ANYTHING ... good or bad, truth or fiction.  For that reason I refuse to link them or help get them any traffic so HERE is what THEY had to say :)

Oh!  And do you remember Bugsy from the Crazy Horse talking to us!?!?  Here's just a WEE reminder of what he had to say:

So all in all ... Rotty wins yet AGAIN!  I called this months ago.  Tila just stop calling me a liar because I don't lie about shit.  You don't have to LIKE me but honesty is my BEST virtue.  "Turst" that bitch!

UPDATES and OTHER hilarious comments/articles about Tila's rehab stunt:


To fully illustrate the depths of Tila's attention-whoring, if someone told her she could be on TV if she sprouted a penis, she'd be out back hosing her clit with Miracle-Gro faster than you could say "Why does it smell like shamrocks and teriyaki in here?" True story.

Source:  The Superficial

 Source:  D-Listed

 Source:  Material Bitch

It seems Radar Online is suckin' on the wonky tits again.  Have no fears!!! Courtenay Semel promises to hook us up with the truth tonight!!  Stay tuned!!


Joann said...

Once again Rotty, you gave us an awesome post with breakdowns as well.

That's why I love this blog, you guys back up what you post about this skank which makes it easier for people to see Tila for what she really is which I know is hard since Tila lies almost everyday and/or blows up the truth about damn near everything she does or deletes lies she has posted.

Big, big kudos for the TRS team.

AT this point, I don't trust Carlton Jordan as far as I could throw him.

I haven't decided if he has really broke ties with Tila for good or if he is pretending he has just to get her more publicity with the press. Time will tell though.

Fatty McFatterson said...

MWAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Excellent post Rotty!!! This gets my vote for Post of the Week!!! No one hates as good as you!!!! Love it so much!

Isis said...

Why did you post that pic of her standing all spread eagle? :( Eye bleach plz

And I can't help it, I have to go and read the comments on that damn blog, they make me larf:

"you guys are just jelis haterz. KABLOOEY! Wait, that's not it."

Anonymous said...

RFLMAO at that quote from The Superficial. I'll never be able to work in my garden again without that mental image popping in my brain.

jayden said...

The Miracle Grow comment was the best one ev-ah! I still can't stop laughing.

boytoy said...

So is the Celebrity Rehab a Go or No?

queenofcopyandpaste said...

Hey, TRS staffs! I just want to let you know for my new entry, I was going through Tila's old tweets and caught an interesting new word she used that starts with, yep, you guessed it! "audacity!"

The tweet with audacity is fifth down and underlined. P.S. Love ya guys and keep up the good work! You inspire me! Let me know if the link doesn't work. : )

Jacqueline said...

Kudos guys from Norway.