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Friday, May 21

postheadericon Tila's blog is super up to date on gossip!

So just a few minutes ago, Tila tweeted this:


Here's the same blog update from her Facebook, so you can see the first paragraph to this EXCITING, NEW, AND FRESH article:

Wait, what are those comments talking about?  This isn't the newest and freshest celebrity gossip?  Pow?  No pow?

Here's Perez talking about that IN JANUARY

And, in case that wasn't enough, Perez has been on a crusade to take over Simon's spot.  If you go to and search Simon Cowell, you'll see stuff like this.  And for further proof that Tila is way way way behind:

Wow Tila.  Wow.  Thanks for being so up-to-date.  Seriously.

Yes, everybody is calling her out on it.  I'm sure she'll delete it soon.

I heard man walked on the moon in 1969.  Hopefully Tila will have something about that, soon.


Peter said...

Uncle Eddie, play nice.

You must teach Mogultard the wonders of the interwebs & this dang fangled new thing everyone keeps blabbering about, Google.

Hi Tila (we all know you read every Rotspot post & comments), please tell us again about your super exclusive news items & undercover paparazzi team again.

I am also a #1 Gossip Blogger of The World & have some back issues of US Weekly I can share with you. They're more recent than six months ago but there's some stories you can copy & paste from there. <3

Ericka said...

Gossip FAIL,to which I have.

Anonymous said...

The content in her blog is as stale as her beef curtains. If Tila was as smart as she pretends to be, she'd crack her whip and make her "staff" do more googling and research their shit. Or she can hire a ghostwriter to come up with content. Even better is if she wakes up from her meth induced hallucinations and just trash the whole project and pretend it never happened.

Ben said...

This is a definite NO POW. Not even a !. Okay, maybe 1!, but not the normal !!!!.

The Jezebel said...

EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS***** POW! OMMMGGG Brittney Murphy is dead (since dec.) lulz (being sarcastic) ..R.I.P BM

Anonymous said...

It's not her fault, guys. She was on NyQuil and passed out for, like, two days.

Eduardo Retardo said...



You guys made me LOL so hard when I was reading your comments, seriously. Uncle Eddie loves.

The Blotspot said...

I'm super disgusted at her fucking idiocy. If I wasn't having so much fun making her fans look like the fucktards that they are, I'd be tempted to take a potshot at her on my blog. As it stands, another
FAIL on Lazer Lips™ part. Maybe she'll OD on Red Bull and end this fiasco. >.< Right. Good article, Eddie!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, who shot JR? Will Tila scoop this? She tends to be ahead of the gossip. I need to know.

Isis said...


I shot J.R.

Clementine said...

My favorite is he talking about how long it takes her to write one blog on her blog. It is called a post you moron AND your copying and pasting shit old news onto fucking wordpress! Forget rocket science that is not even basic math!

Simon Cowell said this was his last season on Idol before Idol started! But I guess since she has no tv she probably has never seen Idol or heard of Simon Cowell. It is funny how lately she has tried to start a rumour that Cowell is gay(the only place I have heard that is on her blog.) I am guessing that she threw herself at him at some event and he told her to get her stanky slore ass away from him. Because in her head every straight man in the world thinks she is the hottest, sexiest thing ever. I bet she would say a corpse was into her and was totally blushing if she thought she could get away with it.

Joann said...

Tila doesn't even have the professionalism, patience or dedication to find up to date stories and write a good gossip blog around those stories. That's why she C&P so much. She can't spell worth a shit and I bet she can't read that well either.

IMO, she don't really care about that gossip site, she just wants her name out there. All she is doing is trying to impress people and get attention.

Everyone on planet Earth, with the exception of her nitwit army, knows her gossip site is a piece of boring, out of date shit.

She's boring, the gossip site is boring and will continue to be so. The only thing worth reading are the comments. They are freaking hilarious.

TilaTruth had a good suggestion on her blog yesterday which was..."If you feel the need to view her page, AdBlock is your friend. You have the ability to disable all images from her site, reducing her numbers"....which is exactly what I did. Thanks TilaTruth.

Now when I read the comments I don't have to worry about adding to her numbers and I always make it a point not to stay on there too long.

Go do your porn movies Tila, that's really where you really belong.

Mark said...

Wow Tila, way to go... In other recent news: the sun is hot, water is wet.

Anonymous said...

The posts she wrote today are painfully bad and disturbing. She asks, "When did Lauren Conrad become a fashionista?" I've never seen one episode of The Hills and even I know Lauren Conrad has a clothing line and went to design school. She also posted a plea to Victoria Beckham to go shopping with her and "she'll pick up the tab." I mean, the depths of her delusions are mind-boggling.

She also posted what I assume was supposed to be "funny" commentary on bad Cannes fashion. So fucking embarrassing. She says no one gets her cutting-edge sense of humor. There's nothing to get, you miniature psycho...YOU'RE NOT FUNNY.

Most disturbing of all (at least to me) was her post on Kate Gosselin. It's maggoty with spelling errors, sentence fragments and random capitalization...she was obviously high as the fucking moon when she wrote it. Her brain must look like termite-infested wood, which would explain her koo-koo krazy behavior of late.

No matter what her issues are--drugs, psychosis, meth mouth--her downward spiral is deeply satisfying. It's like watching a Darwin Award in action.

Sandy said...

Clementine, remember that Tila's arch enemy, Jasmine Lennard, used to be undercover fuck buddies with Simon Cowell.

Ericka said...

Tila just wrote an "exclusive" blog about herself in third person. Crazy FTW!

Joann said...

Speaking of downward spirals, have you guys ever read her twitter when she was on one of her meth rants?

Now that was good entertainment and thoroughly enjoyable. Sad but true.

All she has on her twitter now are those boring ass headlines from her gossip site so the meth rant days on twitter may be over.

Anyway, I found this while I was on one of my gossip sites I read everyday.

If you read the article check out who it was jacked from. lol

Anikka said...

"I heard man walked on the moon in 1969. Hopefully Tila will have something about that, soon."
:D :D I'm really addicted to your blog! Love it! Greetings from Poland:*

Helena said...


There has been speculation on several British forums that SC is gay and his girlfriends are beards. That rumour has been going around for years.

Sandy is spot on about JL and SC being fuck buddies, she was the reason his last relationship was supposed to have split up.

So again, she is only "scooping" a rumour that has been around for years.

But, I'd guess that she did try and throw herself at him and got her ass declined!

Clementine said...

Helena - Thanks didnt know there were such rumours. Even if they are old news!

So I was curious as to why Tila keeps referring to herself as a celebrity and I decided to look up the meaning and on Wikipedia her name appears near the bottom under Celebrity and Social Networking.

I bet she points that page out to all the haters-SEE I AM UNDER CELEBRITY ON WIKIPEDIA!!POW!!

krissylu said...

@Joann- that is too funny. Then at the bottom of the link if you go to Carlton Jordan's blog it says that the page is no longer available, although the title is still visible in the URL.

allen said...

hello all,
Thanks to the rotspot for keeping us up to date on yet another fail by THIEN. We refuse to go to her website even though we would get some good laughs.
How long before she starts stripping on a webcam?

THIEN actions speak louder than words.Take a look at the attendance at your "launch party" this was suppose to be the city "you owned"

The offer we gave you in january still stands THIEN THANH THI NGUYEN.We will give you a FIRST CLASS ONE WAY TICKET TO VIETNAM so you can start your "ambassadorship" as long as you never come back to the U.S.

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Anonymous said...

this is hilarious!

btw. i always waver between feeling bad for what a hot mess she's become, and being disgusted that she actually manages to make even a dollar parading herself around. here's to hoping an acme anvil just happens to fall into her 'big time mogul mansion'.... POW.

Rex said...

Google has a cache of the Carlton Jordan post (it's a long link):

Vanessa said...

I want to know if Tila tweeted or wrote anything about her Russian boxer friend's bout last night. Was at a bar for dinner and saw it on tv....

Anonymous said...

So I found something interesting today..Remember after Miss Casey Johnson passed away Tila did that long video of her playing a song on the piano and singing?? Well I don't know if it has been pointed out that she played THE SAME "song" in this video posted 7 months ago!!

So much for being original..

What a crazy crackhead..

Oh and you know damn well she actually is that bad at singing..

Wasn't sure if anyone had pointed this out yet..

Joann said...

Vanessa, I just skimmed through her site and I didn't see anything about it.

Wail till the Rotspot see her post about some haters sending her a picture of a voodoo doll to her email address. Most insane thing you ever read. Of course, Tila made it all up.

Miz said...

Just noticed this... and no, I'm not a Justin Beiber fan, I'm just doing the rounds on twitter :)

I wonder who would try to convince the world those two know each other... eeewwwwww


Nightingale said...

I am LOLLING so hard right now. ONTD is "BUSTED"! POW!

tila said...

the voodoo, or vudu as tila writes, doll that she claims someone sent her in an email/pic looks like the same table in her "MANSION"...please do a followup/research piece cause I'm sure that Tila wrote it to herself..."thanks"

Oztralian said...

Not sure if you guys have seen, but TMZ posted that Tila is to be on celebrity rehab.

J.J. said...

I just saw on TMZ Tila is on the next Celebrity Rehab on VH1!! Wonder if this is for real, or for money!!!

Can't wait to hear TRS opinion on this one!

justmyopinion said...

from TMZ:
Tila Tequila to Enter 'Celebrity Rehab'

Originally posted May 23rd 2010 12:45 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

Tila Tequila is finally seeking professional help -- TMZ has confirmed through multiple sources that the bisexual reality star has committed to do the next season of VH1's "Celebrity Rehab" ... if it doesn't get canceled first.

It's unclear what personal demon Tila will try to conquer with the help of Dr. Drew -- but it certainly won't be her addiction to attention.

But there's one major catch -- as we previously reported -- VH1 is having problems finding other "celebrities" to rehabilitate ... and if they don't find a cast quick, the show could be killed.

So far, no word on who else the show has its sights set on.

Read more:

Happiness Is said...

so much for her new tv show


allen said...

Hello all,
Tila does not have the work ethic to maintain a current blog. The ROTSPOT probably knows how much hard work it actually is.I read from a blogger it is some long hours and you never leave the computer.


am I wrong?