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Thursday, May 6

postheadericon Tila doesn't do drugs? I beg to differ!

So just a bit ago my sexy girlfriend (pronounced "girlfrand,") The Gnome made this post about Tila doing drugs.  First off, if you believe that Gnome was in jail for anything, you should hit yourself in the face with a brick right now because you are a retard and of no value to society.  Secondly, you should also do this if you believe Tila does not do drugs.  If you haven't read that post yet, go do it!  Then come back and let Uncle Eddie show you what he's found!  (hint: TILA DOES DRUGS)

We good?  Okay.  So recently I've been going through lots of Tila's old tweets, looking for hilarious shit.  I don't recommend it because it gave me serious eye herpes, just let Uncle Eddie show you the awesome shit he's found.  So here's a blatant admission that Tila does drugs!

Oh but Uncle Eddie!  That's from so long ago!

...I am going to hit you in the throat.  It's not like she doesn't bring it up again.  This one is from just the other day!

I don't know if she just thinks we won't notice wait, I do know.  It's because all of her fans are under the age of 15 and have no idea what she's talking about.  But here she gets a little more obvious about it:

Sure, she might be joking, but I don't think she is.  And what about this?

Well at least she's giving us a warning.  And of course, she tells us she used to be a pothead in high school:

...but Uncle Eddie can't hate on Tila for that.  Uncle Eddie was a pothead in high school too, except by "in high school" I really mean like, yesterday.  But obviously Tila doesn't only mean "in high school" either:

And really, I've only known people to do this with a crack torch:

So it looks like that's all I've got right now.  So tell me, can you really look at all of this and tell me Tila doesn't do drugs?  I dare you to tell me that.  See what Uncle Eddie does to you if you tell him that.  Uncle Eddie doesn't funk around.


Jen said...

I stumbled upon this page & found it interesting that KatStacks mentions that Young Platinum is the guy Tila claims is/was her baby's daddy..... The video itself is of no interest - she doesn't mention it. Anyway, who knows why I'm posting this considering she never even was pregnant to begin with

Amanda said... case she denies taking ambien, here is a video of her after taking some and waiting for it to kick in.

There is also a video when she claims she just finished smoking some pot, but it's been removed by youtube! If anyone can find it...that may be good ammo as well.

Sunshine said...

Does pot really count?

Amanda said...

Oh, wait!
Here it is. Tila admits smoking pot at 2:42

Amanda said...

Last I checked it was still illegal. So yeah, it counts. Not to mention she made the video for all of her young, impressionable fans.

What about her song "GET HIGH"??
Song here (no video):


Like that
Do you want it?
I wanna do it

Drivin' in my car speedin' down the 405
Catch me if you can cause I'm hot trying to stay alive
(Take a ride)
Lookin' pretty fly in my droptop silver benz

I just want
To get high
(Like that)
Give me some pills
I just wanna party
Runnin' away from him
You know I'll be all right
(Take a ride)

Livin' my life in the fast line as we speak

I just want
To get high
I'm free for the very first time in life
I'm free for the very first time tonight

Be alive
Come spend the night
And send those shivers down my spine
(Can you feel it?)
Toss and turn with the beat
This room is hot
Fillin' up with heat

Close your eyes
I'll take you to fantasyland

I just want
To get high
I'm free for the very first time in life
I'm free for the very first time tonight
I'm free for the very first time in life
I'm free for the very first time tonight

Eduardo Retardo said...

Eh, it may be illegal, but come on, it's weed. I was just throwing it in there because it's still, you know, drugs, and she says she doesn't do any drugs. But I can't fault her for weed. I just can't. And really, if she just admitted it or *gasp* didn't mention it at all, there wouldn't be an issue. I don't really give a fuck if she does drugs, I care that she lies about it then forgets and posts about it. What a goddamn retard.

Joann said...

If I had never seen your post I would know Tila is on something. It's so obvious.

You did a hell of a job Eduardo. Thanks for everythng. I wish this could be used, along with a lot of other things she has done/said to get her off the Internet.

Anonymous said...

You should also hit yourself in the face with a brick if you are a fan of Tila...or Tila herself!

Anonymous said...

lmfao she must be a retard.
how the hell do you burn your eyelashes & eyebrows off smoking weed? was she trying to smoke it through her big ass forehead?
i've known people who smoke weed all my life and never known a one of them to burn anything but their fingertips.
this bitch has to be mentally challenged.

Sunshine said...

I'm one-hand rolling a spliff as we speak.

OK now I just smoked half... all I gotta say is I do follow the antics of Tila because I too enjoy the hate and the drama that is not mine- I really wished she would eat shit and die when she kept putting off her blog, not to mention lied about 3,842 different retarded things.

Now that she's launched her blog, the whole issue has kinda jumped the shark for me. I totally dig this blog and have read every post, but I don't know, I feel like it's gonna get boring to talk about this alien internet freak. So when that happens, it'll be fun, cause all this hate, passion and investigation kicks serious, serious, serious assholes. So Tila Tequila can lick your dyck.

Cheers (puff, puff, pass)

deluwiel said...

I just found this little snippet...

"When asked what kind of parent she would be, Tila said she would be the “best mom ever.” And what if her kid chose to do drugs? No problem, says Tila. Her take on it is this: “It’s your choice. If you want to do drugs, it’s fine. You just have to do them here at home with me present.”