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Wednesday, May 12

postheadericon Midget Idjit Tour is a raging success!!!

YAY!!!! POW!!!

So the Midget Idjit forgot she has a super important, world renown blog and a staff of 25-30, and evidently took her staff with her to the Conga Room. I thought I'd help her out, so she can go home right away and wake up refreshed in the morning. Tila, dear, all you have to do is copy and paste, I even added a couple of 'moguls' and 'POWs', in keeping with your style.

OMG the first venue on my worldwide international tour was a HIT. The Conga Room was packed and there were 20000 more people waiting outside to get in, but we managed to finally get everyone in. There were so many A-List celebs that everyone thought for sure it was the Oscar awards or something, but they all came out to give your girl Miss Tila some love and I am too tired to tell who they all were but they were all mega famous and they thought my song Blue Dress was off the chain and even though the tickets were $3567 each, so many of the celebs said it was the best 3 song concert they ever heard so they gave me more money.

So many people thought I was Billie Holiday except for the voice, the clothes, the fact I'm not black and the fact I'm not dead. I totally wow'd the crowd and there were so many celebs crying that 9Head had to run to CVS for more Kleenex.

Everyone bought my EP and said it was the best ever and they all said I was the hottest mogul they ever saw and they all like me and none of them were fat or jealous.


Cindy said...

Um what the hell is this? You guys are slipping. Usually you have something funny that Tila has done with proof like tweets or something but what the hell is this? Your blog is reading like Spikes blog now. Catty and immature. Fail TRS.

Rachel said...

I liked it Fatty. Anyway this is only parodying how Tila goes on herself on Twitter!

Ray said...

@cindy its called satire
the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.
a literary composition, in verse or prose, in which human folly and vice are held up to scorn, derision, or ridicule.
a literary genre comprising such compositions.

I can just see her posting something like this, your not really the hogul are you Fatty ? :)

Wicked said...

One post to keep us all amused/give us our daily dose of Tila because the mogul is off doing a super huge lunch party is hardly slipping. Anyway easy up on Fatty, they're new!

Looking forward to more from you. I enjoyed this post and it gave me a good laugh.

Anonymous said...

love this! i usually dont get a good giggle before work :)

Anonymous said...

and i love spiked tequila's blog! just my two cents.

913 said...

TRS is up there in my priorities along with my daily coffee (and both also happen to occupy the same time slot), but I agree with Cindy in that this post lacked substance/was catty and immature.

Not dissing Fatty, the other first post was good, but I want a site with facts. No matter how SATIRICAL it was, if I want meanness and a lack of substance I would probably be a Tila fan.

keep the posts on a scientific train of thought (i.e. FACTS and GOOD MATH and CAUSE AND EFFECT), not childish mimicking.

i still love you guys i just hope all posts aren't gonna be like this from now on. i'd rather have a few days go by with nothing new than pettiness

The Gnome said...

Cindy and 913,
1. Don't be a twats. Was it really necessary for you to come on here and post that you thought it was a fail? I mean seriously? If you're looking for facts, check the encyclopedia...if you're looking for fun, feel free to stay. You wanna talk catty and immature? I'd say it's posting comments on a post you "didn't feel was up to par" fuck off!

2. Jesus Christ, laugh a little bit! EVERYONE knows that Tila's a fucking habitual liar. Do you REALLY need a tweet or screen cap to go with every fucking thing she lies about? Fuckin A...

3. Do NOT come on our comment section and troll or bait the writers. That shit pisses me the fuck off and don't think I won't crawl through this screen with a crowbar and slap you till your eyes wiggle!!!! CAPICHE!!?

Awesome posts you're doing!!!! Glad you're here loverbutt!!! Let's makeout!

Jen said...

Did you guys know that a few days ago Tila put out a message to her sheep that she has a job opening for her AWESOME (puke) blog. So now eveyone is leaving her messages on her HotSpot site with their credentials. It's flippen hilarious! What happened to the request for fashion designers? She's such a fucking liar & I'd rather gauge my eyes out with a fork than know she's still in existance.
(ps: There was another message from a guy who said he was outside of her house wanting to pull(or cut) her hair. He said "I want to pet your pussy" - and started giggling like a schoolgirl. He said "I'm waiting for you to come out so I can do things to you". WOW. Hopefully a stalker can get a hold of her & kill her. FUN! Good times...

Anonymous said...

Is there anyone going to her show tonight? If you are you should start some sort of commotion.

I love this blog so much. Thanks for all that you do to expose this midget troll.

Anonymous said...

i think someone should apply for her blog, undercover. how funny would that be?

btw- i have been a reader here for a long time, and have always loved Fatty's comments. so glad to see you are a blogger now! <3

Rachel said...

I come to TRS for a good giggle and I always get one. Why do people need to have updates on Tila facts or nothing at all, I think it's great we've something to LOL at in between her meth induced craziness. Thanks to all the writers here at TRS, this blog will always win hands down.

jayden said...

I thought it was excellent satire. Not everything here has to be all serious.

blairzbear said...

Yeah, I agree w/ The Gnome... these writers take time out of their day to expose this nasty biatch. This is not some CNN or anything, it's meant to be for entertainment purposes. This post was entertaining, so, job well done.

Ghost Rider Radio said...

This blog is way too funny. Thanks for the break in monotony that the MIDGET TROLL brings to our daily lives.

Also, I wanted to point out. If you already caught this, not sure though. The post about her medication bottles on the bathroom counter. The thing next to them that looks like a vial is NOT a vial. It's a blush brush with a wooden handle. You can see its reflection off of the mirror in the picture. I had to really look at it large thou.

Keep up the good work my sloppy biyatches!

{{{ HuGz & KiSsEs }}}

jenn said...

This gave me a good laugh and sounds EXACTLY like something she would say. Good job.

To the people whining and bitching, If you don't particularly like something you can always keep scrolling or go to another website. No one is forcing to you read it, but attacking the writers is plain rude.

Also, LOL at please post "scientfic facts, good math and cause and effect" i mean, are you serious? this blog, in general, IS satire and fun. Did you even bother to read the disclaimer or have you been paying attention to this blog at at all? Not every thing they post has EVERY been all face, let alone "scientific" facts. Give me a break. That comment almost made me laugh as much as this post did.

shana said...

LOL! Sound just like what she'll say tomorrow after her "concert"...........are minors even allowed at the Conga Room?

Seagal said...

Seems that on every blog there is always a troll who wants to stir up shit. Some are so brave when hiding behind a pc.

I think you're doing great Fatty. Love the satire :)

Monique said...

Watch the video, it's classic. Tila will never be taken seriously, no matter what she ever does.

Anonymous said...

Fatty, I am absolutely thrilled you took the plunge and decided to join the Rot Spot Blog.... You are a prefect addition and your style of writing gives us a little something different to laugh at, which I have appreciated over the past few months in reading your comments. I can't help but sit back and laugh at the comments posted here this morning by Cindy and 913. Have they been reading the same Blog that we have all this time?!!? Much of what you write about is Satire. What about "Stuporgirl"? Each and every writer at TRS has their own style of writing and I can instantly tell who is writing that day within just a few lines of reading a post.....That's Talent!

Yes, I visit 2 or 3 other sites and I appreciate the information that is shared, but the writers here at The Rot Spot are top notch. For those of you that just don't get it, or are just expecting "PROOF" all the time and "Keep the posts on a scientific train of thought (i.e. FACTS and GOOD MATH and CAUSE AND EFFECT), not childish mimicking"
(OH GOD THATS CLASSIC!) I just shake my head. It sounds like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Or maybe your panties are all bunched up. Are you upset about last night's episode of "Lost"? Whatever it is, Don't take it out on Fatty! She's adding a little "Somethin' Somethin'" to the blog and I for one appreciate it greatly!

Anonymous said...

Yo Fatty,
Blog it on-huh-on and don't say a word.

Anonymous said...

so she forgot to blog or tweet about her upcoming trip?? hmm, thats odd....oh, i didnt read any POW's or moguls. ha! why does she always use those mogully terms??? shes silly.

Isis said...

913, stop fapping to the American version of The Office before you completely morph into Dwight Shrute, kthanxbai

Cathy said...

I love it. I was wondering if Tila has copy and pasted it adding one word or line to the bottom calling it hers.

Mogul humm i was thinking more like mogwai.. Dont feed her after midnight she'll turn into a gremlin oh wait someone already did?

913 said...

lol, I was very calm when I made my comment, and I insisted that it was nothing personal against Fatty or TRS.

So I really don't understand why you're trying to portray my post as being super angry or trolling. What, you want my name and address?

My post isn't trolling, as it's not full of misguided hatred. I love TRS and will keep coming back to it daily, and I congratulated Fatty as an addition to the team.

Just because I didn't like this post, doesn't mean everyone should get their panties tied in a knot. I'm chill, maybe everyone else who got "such a great laugh/kick" out of my post should chill out as well and let me express if I don't like a particular post.


Cathy said...

Monique I read the link.... he liked the song and guess what people are blasting him for it. I wrote

This girl has credited this as her song since the begining and her EP only contains one orignal song which sucks.
She like a stray dog feed her once and she'll keeping coming back. STOP writing about her and maybe she will go way.

Yes go to and read up before you post crap about her she truly is no role model and NO MOGUL like she states she is.

Anonymous said...

Oh my fucking god that was hilarious as fuck! I love the part about Billy Holiday!!

Lea said...


Please check this out:


Anonymous said...

so when is her porn trilogy coming out??

Isis said...

Science, cause and effect have absolutely no place in creativity, what part of that do you not understand, 913? This blog is here for entertainment, not to cure cancer.

What you seem to have left out completely is that while Fatty's meanness and lack of substance are satirical in this blog, Tila's is GENUINE. She is not like that because it makes for funny reading, this is how she actually is as a person. Fatty was spot-on. You're making it seem as though Fatty wrote this post to be catty and immature: uh, Tila IS catty and immature, or do you just not pay attention to the way Tila acts?

chey said...

@Isis - wait. What? This blog is not for curing cancer? But...I thought...well damn. Now I have to go take super hot cancer curer POW! off my facebook profile. This sucks.

Eduardo Retardo said...

Jesus people, not every single comment has to be in response to Cindy or 913. They're fully allowed to share their opinion on the posts here, just like you are. You all need to calm the fuck down. You all like Fatty's post so much, how about you comment on that?

I don't think Cindy OR 913 were attempting to "troll" or "act tough behind their PC" when they made their comments, and now you're completely ostracizing them because you didn't like their opinions. Awesome.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Just to clear up any misconceptions about my motives or character, let me lay it out for you: I am mean, catty, immature and fat. I don't like Tila. Don't hate her, but really don't like her. I "discovered" her when Casey was found deceased. I was interested enough in that story (and what little I knew of Tila, to investigate further). What I found was horrifying. I am a parent of teenagers. To think that my kids or their friends might for a moment be seduced by the likes of Tila is distressing, to say the least. I can't stop Tila from doing and saying what she does to entice minors to follow her on her road to debauchery, but like all here, commentators and bloggers, we can shout the truth from the treetops in hopes others will read and learn.

That said, this is a blog that speaks the truth, but often does it in a humorous vein. When the subject is serious, like Tila's whole tot-spot site, where she invited young kids to post their pix, and treated them to her own naked pix and inappropriate conversation, then this blog takes on a very serious tone. This is as it should be. This is not CSI. Not everything has to be cataloged and filed alphabetically. The quality that attracted me to the RotSpot was that the bloggers really had a sense of what was important enough to report in a serious tone, and what we could all get a little giggle about. That which we get a giggle about helps to flesh out Tila's real character.

Now to my post. I won't apologize for it. I don't believe it brings down the RotSpot. I believe it's in keeping with the tone. Should I have thought otherwise, I wouldn't have posted it. It was done in good humor, because almost every time Tila goes out in public, I have a mental conversation in my head as to exactly how she'll spin her appearances. In 4 or 5 months of reading Tila, I have yet to be wrong. So, I thought, I would get a leg up on Tila, and write the post as I expected she would write it. Ironically, Tila made a big to-do about this event, even posting the flyers, yet she said NOT A WORD about how it went down. I like to think she read my post first, before she got on her blog, and realized that everything I wrote, was exactly as she would have reported, and rather than suffer the acute embarrassment of being called out, she wisely decided to shut up. Perhaps being more proactive about calling out Tila's bullshit is what will eventually turn her around. It's no fun being a big fat liar if people are mocking your lies before you get a chance to make them.

Thanks to all who have commented. I finally got a chance to read the comments and I appreciate the feedback. Thanks also, to my fellow RotSpot bloggers, I'm proud to be a part of your team!

Isis said...

Like I said, spot on Fatty!

Vanessa said...

Fatty- "she said NOT A WORD about how it went down"

the conga room flier says that the "concert"/whatever you want to call it is tonight, which explains why she hasn't actually said anything about it....yet.... i'm sure she'll find some yarn to spin us all a fabulous tale, but that'll most likely have to wait until tomorrow.

Eduardo Retardo said...

Vanessa is correct. The party is tonight. So I'm sure tomorrow she'll post OMG EXCLUSIVES in her fail blog.

No dammit I said EXCLUSIVES, not shit other people don't care to photograph!

Oh wait.

Fatty McFatterson said...

ACK!!!! How could I have got the date wrong? I was sure it said May 11, I mean so sure. Damn. Oh well, this gives the short-shrew another opportunity to make a fool of herself on her blog tomorrow YAY!

I called the Conga Room, I'll give y'all the deets tomorrow after we hear Tila's version!

Terri said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This post is AWESOMESAUCE. jesus!

I can totally see tila claiming that all the above happened. hahaha I am still laughing!

I am glad Fatty got the dates mixed up, or we may not have gotten the lulz of this post!

I bet tila uses this for her blog post tomorrow (I won't know, because I refuse to go to her site. I have been there 3 times for research). I love the idea of calling her out before it happens.

The thing that angers me the most about her is the bullshit she spews and that her stupid army just takes it at face value and believes it. (tilasTOTspot is fucking hilarious too!) haha

I am seriously considering suing the RotSpot for making me late to work 3 out of 5 days a week! ;) Look for a fake C&D email from my fake lawyers ANY DAY NOW!!! ;p

I am happy with the addition of Fatty at TRS, but I still have a secret crush on the retarded uncle!!!

Does Fatty have a twitter?

Terri said...

Oh and I also think the third song is ripped off of an artist too, I just haven't figured out who.

Joann said...

Fatty, I found your post funny and you're dead on about Tila blowing up her "performance" tonight when she blogs/tweets tomorrow.

I can't wait to her the many, many, many lies that she will expect us to believe....of course her moronic Army will praise her and tell her how awesome she is.

Sara said...

Just thought you guys might want to take a look at the bottom left hand corner of New York Magazine's Approval Matrix for this week... i dont think anyone is going to be surprised at where Tila landed in the matrix!!
"Tila Tequila's gossip site. It's like the internet is a baby that just puked on civilization" POW!

Adtastic said...

Heh..... this post was perfect. PERFECT.

Monique said...


January 14, 2008

Sara said...

haha looks like Tila made herself at home in that bottom corner... not surprising

Kaelyn said...

Wow...I really don't understand the people who are calling this "catty" etc. they must not be reading Tila's crap recently. I absolutely LOVED it! So true to her and her words, except this time rather than being frustrated by her idiocy...I was able to laugh!!
LOVED it!!!

Kaelyn said...

Fatty- I just read your post, and I have to say...that is the most "mature" well stated post that I ever read from someone who is supposedly, by his own words, "immature"...awesome job! Keep it up!